13 Apr 2013

'HATCHET III' Gets a New Poster

Yeah so a wile back announcement was made that there was a Hatchet 3 (III) in the works, and my initial reaction was "Oh boy, not again..", Why? Well because it's a film series that belongs on The Horror Channel after hours, it's just one of those horror films were they don't feel like a film or have a formula bar coming up with inventive new ways to kill someone. It's a pointless franchise that should have died right back at the first one (despite the fact that Hatchet 2 was better).

So a trailer came along, which looked like someone just mashed moments from the past two films and made a trailer from it, in other words, it looks like recycled shit. So now an Official Poster has been released and it doesn't deliver much, except good old Victor Crowley Standing in the mist... Yawn. Well I think the poster is trash but here it is for you to decide with your own eyes. Hatchet 3 will be coming soon... Unfortunately.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah I totally agree! This film will probably suck but I seen the last two so I'll probably watch this one too!



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