24 Apr 2013

Review: SCARY MOVIE 5 (2013)

The Worst of the Series? The Worst of the Year?
Scary Movie finally returned to our screens but unfortunately did not bring Cindy or Brenda with it, who happen to be the best thing to ever happen to the franchises knowing that the pair said no to the film made me realize how bad this film was going to be.. Was it bad? Yes. Was it better than what I expected? Yip.

The Good: Well, coming from a huge Scary Movie Fan I really went against this one, simply by the idea that Brenda (one of my all-time favorite character's) was not in it, and for some other black chick to come in and TRY to takeover her role was despicable; however, she did have her funny moments. If you're going into this film and thinking "this is going to be immature, something for teenagers" then you're right, because never before has a Scary Movie been so immature, which in some aspects, isn't necessarily a bad thing. The gags do run dry but there is still enough childish and stupid humor in here to make you chuckle a few times. A few moments in particular that made me laugh were the cubical scene with Molly Shannon and the Evil Dead sequence which, surprisingly was pretty spot on. Listen, if you're going into this looking for some cheap gags and guilty pleasures then you should be pleased, if just looking for a general comedy, laughs might run dry.

The Bad: To start off with, some of the gags were dragged out to an extent were it was so unfunny it made me cringe, I mean, if a joke wasn't funny the first time then it's not going to be funny the fourth time! Get the picture. I could go on for ages about the bad of the movie, but this is a short review so i'll just chop it down. Well the cameos were ok at times but lacked comedy aspects, the acting was poor (as expected), although Ashley Tisdale is a good leading lady, her and Kendra could NEVER match up to Cindy and Brenda; and it's even more annoying when they try to be them! Again as i said before, the jokes are a little immature, and feel more Epic Movie and not Scary Movie. You know what, I'm going to stop here because let's face it, you know the rest.

VERDICT: Scary Movie 5 may dish out some immature gags that do become amusing , but it just slacks as a movie in general. Through all the problems with this movie, none of them seem as bad as the fact that this 5th installment feels more like a sequel to Epic Movie and not Scary Movie. Well, at least it's better than A Haunted House..

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