25 Apr 2013

'SCREAM: TV SERIES' is Officially Coming to TV!!

Just checking up on Bloody Disgusting (my daily routine) and they released an article about the future for Scream the TV Series. I have never posted something as fast in my life. why? Because Scream is my favorite movie franchise and the thought of more Ghostface gives me goosebumps. I am definitely excited for the Pilot to arrive Summer 2014 (soooooo long) but this TV series is practically putting the film franchise to a stop so I will NOT be expecting a Scream 5 anytime soon or at all, and as for the cast (Campbell, Cox, Arquette) I doubt they will star in the show; though they might make an appearance.

I'm definitely excited to see were there gonna go with this and if they're going to continue with the Sydney plot or not, but hopefully they'll start from fresh and be inventive (unlike the recent and slightly disappointing Pilot for Zombieland). My opinion is that we could be dealing with something good here, especially at the news that Wes Craven is in talks to be the director, yet Kevin Williamson is not involved as MTV are currently looking for writers; Oh well, put i'll tell you one thing, I... Can't WAIT

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