23 Apr 2013

'TEXAS CHAINSAW 4' Gets Hannah Montana Lead and Shooting date

So, courtesy of Bloody Disgusting (my daily resource for horror news) News has been released about 'Texas Chainsaw 4' The sequel to January's most hated film Texas Chainsaw 3D (which by the way, I liked). Before I tell you the story i just have to state that they have a plan for why the future sequel will be called Texas Chainsaw 4, but i have not one idea were there going with it because it makes the littlest of sense, but if they have a decent explanation then I will have no complaints... well maybe i'll have one or two.

Moving on to the subject matter.
So the producers have confirmed that shooting will begin in the summer, which means the script should already be complete even though it has not been confirmed but, common sense people. Not only have they revealed that both Alexandra Diddario and Dan Yeager are returning but also that there will be two new leads, in the shape of British Newcomer Tommy Hatto and Hannah Montana star Cody Linley, who will play two major characters. I have no clue what they're going to go with this one, but i have no doubt that I will be giving it a view.

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