1 Apr 2013


It comes to an end, but was it a satisfying one?

This is the moment EVERY Walking Dead Fan dreads! The end of the season. Yeah we all look forward to the season finale as by that point all bets are off (which this episode proves) but then for us to have to wait over a year to catch the next one is human torture. In my opinion no show could ever match up to the originality, the unpredictability and sheer brilliance of The Walking Dead. What am i going to watch now? Help me people!

Ok, Moving on. Now is the time that I talk about my view on the closing episode of Season 3, what I liked about the episode, what I didn't like and so on. Before I go on to reviewing the episode I just have to say that I didn't think this episode gave for everyone wanted. To be honest, I expected more of a pay-off and for there to be more blood spilled, but there wasn't so no point in crying over spilled water.

So beware anyone who is reading this and doesn't want the episode spoiled for them because this review will contain MAJOR SPOILERS! So now you can't say I didn't warn you...

The Good: 'Welcome to the Tombs' was a very satisfying final episode, yeah there was a few things that bugged me (the ending, what character's died etc.) but I suppose it's all for that element of surprise and unpredictability is The Walking Dead's strongest aspect so i'm sure the choices the writer's made are for the best; but in my opinion, they could have done things differently. What I liked most about this episode is what i mentioned before, the unpredictability; I had this big senario planned in my head for this finale episode and not one part of it was even right. Everything I predicted was wrong so i'm sure many others predictions didn't quite go as imagined; actually I can see anyone predicting what happened because the outcome was so unexpected and rare. The whole vibe was unsettling and the tension was unbareable; all i could think was "who's gonna die" "Don't do that!" "Hurry!" and "Ohmygod ohmygod!" That's how intense that episode was. Would it have been one of the most nerve-racking episode's of the season? Possibly; was it the most unpredictable? Definatly.

This point falls into the 'unpredictable catagory' and i'm not quite sure if this is a good point or a bad point, but what i'm going to talk about is the very surpirisng and shocking death of one of my favourite characters, Andrea. When I said about how im not quite sure if it good or bad I meant because I loved Andrea and I loved her development as a character and her journey, so for them to kill her off I thought was completely wrong! Saying this, it felt as if there was nothing more for Andrea, her journey had come full circle; but I still don't think it was right to kill her off especially because she is still alive in the comics. Then again, it's things like this which makes TWD so unique and so shocking; so when the writers say "nobody is safe" they fucking mean it! I was extremely upset when it was revealed that Milton (as a zombie) bit Andrea because I was witnessing on of my favorite characters die right before my eyes, but what I have to say is that her pay-off was beautiful, it had heart, it showed true emotion and brought back meaning and feeling for this character Andrea; and to make the scene even more emotional Michonne sits with her and crys, I mean that whole scene would tug hard at the heart strings. If you felt nothing in that scene, you have a heart of stone regardless of how much you didn't like Andrea; that scene was special. Very few might not, but i'll definetly miss you Andrea!

Before I go onto the Bad of the episode I will quickly go through the deaths of the episode, and may I add, I expected there to be way more deaths than what there was. I genuienlly thought that Carol, Maggie and Martinez were going to get it but they didn't so that was a surprise. But the ones that did die were Milton (obvious), a whole heave of Woodbury folk (apart from some doll named Karen) and I think thats it. Is that it you ask? Yeah I know. Oh Oh! and before I forget, Carl turns into a real badass! Believe me, you think he turns into a mini Governor the way he guns down a teenager, but then when he gives his reason for doing so, you realise that he is totally sane, and everything he is saying is true, about how if you don't kill you'll be killed. Never before has Carl been right, and now I don't know if i'm rooting for him or not.

The Bad: There wasn't really any bad moments of this episode. Yeah if it was me I would have gone around this a different way, especially with the ending; that ending was a poor way to end the season and is a sure way to piss fans off, I mean all they did was provide a happy ending as they adopt old people and The Governor drives into the distance! What was that about? Pfft, well without cliff hangers it just feels unfinished and sloppy, It's not like TWD to leave things on a good note. But apart from the ending the rest was decent.

VERDICT: Would this have been the best way to end the season? Probably not, but ending aside, this final episode will surely catch you by surprise and make you feel every emotion possible. Maybe not the best episode of the lot but its surely the most shocking and the most intense. Roll on Season 4!

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