19 Apr 2013


Zombieland Pilot is pale in comparison

So for all you out there who are reading this and hasn't yet watched the Pilot episode of the maybe-soon-to-be TV series well then here is the link for you to watch it (you must have an Amazon account, or be like me and use the free trial just to watch the episode *evil laugh*)

Ok so now it's time to go back to the show's first episode.. What is strange is that the power is in our hands wether or not the show continues, so die-hard Zombieland fans will probably just rate it low so it won't continue, and the rest might actually enjoy the half-hour ride (a bit short but whatever). What did I think of it? Well your just going to have to read on... or be that guy who scrolls to the bottom to see the rating (i'm that guy too by the way). Let the verdict begin..

The Good: Umm.. yeah there was plenty of good about this episode, but it's actually quite hard to notice them when all you can think about is how much the character's suck compared to the film's lovable low-life's. But anyways, as much I LOVED Zombieland the movie and hate the idea of a series I must do what is best and promote what the show has to offer.

You know what, I enjoyed this little half-hour of zombie goodness, I know it didn't hit all the right spots in filling the audience up with everything we loved from the first, but it did try to add a few new tricks into the mix, some working better than others. The comedy aspects was successful, although i wish it didn't feel so recycled and wasn't so predictable; I mean they must have used some of the gags more than once which believe it or not, after time becomes unfunny and actually quite annoying. Oh well, I still laughed so that's all that really matters. It may not be what everyone was expecting but it is an impressive hybrid and does manage to chuck some zombies in the mix quite frequently which does keep us on our toes and keeps us aware that anything could happen at anytime.

The Bad: I'm not going to dwell on this too much because we have to give the show a chance; but I do have a few issues with the Pilot episode. Firstly, I didn't like what they did with the characters, I can't help feel as if they sucked what we loved from the bunch and then created something new and threw them in instead.. They just don't feel like the characters we all know and love. Miara Walsh who pays Witchita doesn't even bring half of the good qualities and charm Emma Stone brought to the table which is quite a shame and does ruin the character slightly (and don't get me started on Tallahassee). As I said before, the gags were hit and miss and were forgettable. It had it's moments..

VERDICT: this pilot does prove that Zombieland can never be imitated and it's brilliance is cannot be re-created with this TV version. Yes the gags and character's are a little off but there is no denying that of this show continues it will get better and it will dish out even more guts, gore and gags. I think it's worth the Green Light.

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