31 May 2013

The New 'CARRIE' Still is Mysterious...

Carrie, The Remake to the 80's Classic is being released this October (and unfortunately in November for the UK) and we haven't really been seeing much of this anticipated remake, aside from a Trailer and a few screen grabs. Well, now an actual photo is released that wasn't shown in the trailer, and although there isn't much happening, it feels very mysterious; It's her look. Well there is zero doubt that this takes place before the prom massacre, so could this stare mean that she is starting to become uncontrollable of her powers? That her mother has done something? Or maybe that she has done something to her mother? Who knows, but hopefully a few more fresh images will be delivered soon.

'INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 2' Dishes Out Fresh Stills.

Insidious Chapter 2 will be hitting the big screen in mid September, and what better way to reassure that date by finally providing some stills, and even though they are not ones to test your fears, they do reveal characters that everyone though had died in the previous outing.

Personally, I don't know were they're going to go with this, and quite frankly, i'm not that fussed as I wasn't a fan of the first; however, I will definitely be attending the cinema when it comes around, Insidious isn't much, but one thing it is, is scary. So I can almost bet my life that this will be one scary screening, although i'll not hold my breathe. So fans, settle for these stills, Enjoy.

30 May 2013

'TEXAS CHAINSAW 4' Comes to A Pause...

Texas Chainsaw 4???? I'm so confused..
Well, a while ago news broke that Texas Chainsaw 4 (The sequel to Texas Chainsaw 3D with the weird title) was to begin filming this summer; but it has been revealed that the producers and writers in fact have not yet got a script, and to make matters worse, there hasn't even been a consensus released for the future sequel! So this can mean lots of things; 1. They got themselves in such a pickle that they can't get out of it, 2. There are some problems with the production team, considering that the film's rights are split 50/50, or 3. The film made an underwhelming amount of money and didn't do so well with the critics and audience's that they realize a sequel is not what is best right now. Well, i don't know what is happening, but I would like to see this get the official green-light...soon.

Whether you like Texas Chainsaw 3D or not, Here's the review for you to check out and leave your opinion on the film;  HERE
and even better, let me know what you think about Texas Chainsaw 4 in the comment box below!

21 May 2013

'Evil Dead (1981)' & 'Evil Dead II (1987)' Review


So, I was ashamed to say that I had never actually seen The Evil Dead until a couple of weeks ago, and although i had always wanted to watch it, i only got around to doing it because I loved the remake so much; plus, I wanted to see which one was actually better and what all the fuss was about. And... after watching it, I can see why it's so loved, but I don't know if it'd for the good or the bad, and I'm going to be honest when I say this, i think the case with The Evil Dead, is that it's so bad, it's good! And I mean this in the best way possible.
Bitches be like, "I'll  eat Your Soul!"
never before have I watched a more ridiculous, over-the-top, shambles that is so bad when it comes to the gore, effects and scares, that it's extremely amusing. I have never watched a more unintentionally funny horror film in all my life, and it's constant continuity mistakes, cheesy dialogue and exaggerated acting make for a fun movie experience. However, I don't know what the fuss was about that the Evil Dead remake wasn't a comedy? Guys, HELLO... either was this! Raimi's original is just so god damn stupid and ridiculous that it's funny; was it intentionally funny? NO! So why the complaining that the remake wasn't either? If the effects in the remake were as bad as the ones in this then im sure you would have found it a chuckle-fest; but it wasn't, because it was done right.

I'm sorry but Evil Dead Fans... You're annoying.

17 May 2013


Around a month ago, Amazon released the Pilot for the anticipated TV adaption of the 2009 Hit Zombie flick Zombieland, and news hit today that Amazon wasn't going any further with the show and it's future was out of their hands. To be honest, I'm not surprised that the show has been ended just after the Pilot because, well... let's face it, it wasn't what we all expected it to be, it was slightly disappointing. Although I thought it was a fine attempt at trying to bring back something that was worth another look, it just didn't seem to go down well with a lot of fans; was the crowd a little harsh? definitely, it was the Pilot episode for god sakes, give it a chance! Fair enough, it was a little repetitive but you could tell that with a few more episodes this could have become and effectively scary and funny entry into the Zombie TV Sub-Genre.

It's Another Angry Fan... DO SOMETHING!!
I think the show had so much more to offer but it was darkened by the weak attempt in the Pilot, maybe cause many didn't think it was good, but I think the creators thought they had to cram anything they could into a half-hour, and 30 minutes is so time when your zombie killing. The show won't be missed because it got nowhere, but it was a missed opportunity; The sooner The Walking Dead returns the better.

16 May 2013

'Inbred (2013)' Review

SHORT REVIEW - The Hills Have Eyes Meets The Cottage.
Four young offenders and their workers spend a weekend in the remote Yorkshire village of Mortlake, which prides on keeping itself to itself. A minor incident with locals rapidly escalates into a blood-soaked, deliriously warped nightmare in 2011's, yet only released now slasher that is as blunt as a prop knife.

14 May 2013

'Maniac (2013)' Review

The Owner of a mannequin develops a dangerous obsession with a young artist, and whilst she is his bit on the side he looks for attractive women to kill and to use as design for his mannequin's, tearing of their scalp hair and sticking them to the mannequins to make them come alive. So, in this case, don't go by the plot for whether or not you want to watch this film or not, because how it sounds is not how it looks, the plot sounds shit, the film really isn't. Maniac is something new, in the horror genre and especially in the Remake Sub-Genre. It brings it's own bag full of ideas to the horror table which is refreshing, and, without giving anything away this early on in the review, but you can expect a change if you're planning to give Maniac a go.

The Good: Without giving anything away this early on in the review, I can say that this entire film experience is like the first 5 minutes of John Carpenter's Halloween, except with better acting, better scares and a better budget. That's right, you're dealing with a full-on POV, Peeping Tom styled horror movie. I wouldn't blame you if you were put off the film just now, but once the ball gets rolling and you realize that this isn't just another found-footage entry into the genre, then you will start to appreciate how well this film has been presented. At first it's a little annoying not being able to watch the killings happen, but after a while you realize that you're able to witness it first hand, and look through the eyes of a psychopath, which I don't think has been pulled off in a long time. The style in which the film was shot is quite beautiful, even beneath all the slicing and dicing, it's artistic.

If you're going into this looking for a psychological treatment then you'll get it, if you're looking for an intense ride, you'll find it, but if your searching for a little more creativity in the death department then you stay right there. What makes Maniac different from all the other gore-fests is that this gore has meaning and purpose, fair enough Frankie (The Maniac) doesn't get intestines spewing or guts flowing, he gets you were it makes you cringe; you may think your immune to horror deaths cause you've watched Saw, but when you watch from the killer's POV a girl's skin getting ripped and peeled from you her head, you feel your nerves tingling and find yourself cringing; That's what this film does to you. I'm sure when your sitting watching all the gore and violence that you will be able to appreciate how visually impressive this film is, and how unique it is amongst the horror genre today. 

The Bad: Although I didn't really find that much really wrong with the film, I just found a few flaws that really drag down the experience. What I found to be the biggest issue was that it became a bit of a drag at times; there were a few moment's were nothing could happen for a good 20 minutes, and in the horror genre especially, that can be testing. fair enough, we did get a good dose of hair peeling but after a while you expect to see something different to spice it up and to stop it from falling into a pattern, which it did, and the only real time were something different happened is when Frankie jams a clever into the hall mates mouth (not a pretty sight), but other than that, it was pretty tedious (however, the skin ripping was still effective till the very end). Also, I love a film with a good chase scene (as said before in the Aftershock Review) and even there was one or two, it wasn't as intense as it should have been, had there have been more action and less mental breakdown's, I would have liked it more, but what they did with his mentality was pretty good. But aside from it being slightly boring at times (which can be a major downfall) that was pretty much it.

VERDICT: Maniac is a psychotic, intense and horrifying experience that takes the horror genre to a new level, visually and stylistically. Although it has it's tired moments, you are still able to appreciate what it brings to the table, whether it's skin tearing or Elijah Woods's brilliant performance, I'm sure you'll still find this a unique watch.

'WOLF CREEK 2' Gets a New, Yet Awkwardly familiar Poster

Courtesy of Bloody Disgusting, I was able to get a first hand look at what I though was a Fan-Made Poster, but which was then revealed to be the actual one, and it was this Wolf Creek 2 Poster that looks more of a Mash-Up of Evil Dead and Texas Chainsaw 3D poster,which is an awful shame.

 I'm not going to lie, I hate it. It's extremely unoriginal and it just makes me wonder that if Wolf Creek 2 will also be as unoriginal; We should be aloud to feel this way after looking at this poster. I'll be first in line to watch Wolf Creek 2, but for now, I have my doubts considering that makers are incapable with creating a poster all by themselves. 

13 May 2013

'Aftershock' Review

Aftershock, a film about a group of travelers who go to Chile for a good time, who end up in an underground nightclub when an earthquake hits, causing destruction all around; and the group soon find out that the destruction is the last of their worries. Aftershock, 2013's short budget, horror answer to 2012's 2012.. (yes i did just say that.), and although it doesn't pack the emotional punch, it definitely packs a physical one. Eli Roth present's another hit and miss fright fest as seen by Cabin Fever and Hostel, which in this case, proves more of a fest than a fright, which isn't necessarily a good thing all the time. Was Aftershock more of a tremor than an earthquake? I don't know, but what I do know is that it's something different to the genre.

To be honest, I wasn't really expecting much when going in to this one, and I didn't really get much coming out of it either, it didn't overcome my expectations, and it wasn't worse than what I expected; it was fair and that's the simplest I can put it. Does it mean i didn't like the film? Not at all, in fact it was a fun experience, it's not very often when you get a horror that takes the genre on a new root and doesn't follow the generic ghost, torture porn or slasher root. It's different, and in this case, different is good, it's refreshing. Throughout the whole film I was thinking "when is this film going to pick up the pace", and it turns out that there was never a moment were the intensity was raised until the last 10 minutes, which by that point is almost a waste; but there was enough unexpected action going on to please the casual film-go'er, although it wasn't particularly my taste in horror, it made for an interesting (at times) viewing.

What was strongest about Aftershock was it's unpredictability factor, if you're looking for a film that steers away from your expectations then look no further. Although it's balance is wrong, what isn't is the ability to constantly surprise and shock the audience, albeit without scaring us or keeping us on the tip of our seats. I'm not going to say you could sit comfortably watching Aftershock but a little more intensity and little less video game mentality.

For once we actually have a film were have feelings for the characters, when we see one of them go, we feel for their loss, not move on and wait for the next to get picked off as seen through Texas Chainsaw 3D and even as much as I hate to say, Evil Dead, but there is little point having a favorite character because they are most likely gonna get picked off wether you predicted it or not; actually I'm almost certain your least favorite will live to the end (oops, early spoiler.).

Well, considering I am mixed about this film I do have my fair share of negatives about this. Well firstly, I was annoyed at how slow the film moved, I mean it must have took at least a half hour before anything remotely interesting happened, and that's a long time to be sitting waiting on an earthquake to happen, and even at that, the whole earthquake idea isn't all that interesting. I found myself wondering why i was watching it at that point and also why the music sounded so damn crap! One order of cheesy B-Movie music coming up! Like common, it a party place, have some party music, and when in nature, have something soft and delicate, not loud and cheesy. Poor work sound department.

I think the thing that really bugged me out the most was the film's pace; when the earthquake starts, the bar is set, and from then on to the final 10 minutes, the momentum stays the same throughout, which is a bit of a bummer when your waiting on something major to happen for the guts of 50 minutes; fair enough, the shocking deaths are like a speed bump to the momentum but aside from that it's a steady pace. For a horror, that's draining. To be honest, that's really the only main problem about the film but it does subtract massively from the film's enjoyability. Aside from the film's pace, it almost feels like your passing through level's of a Dead Island game, moving from one area to another, as if from one level to the other; it's too staged (if that makes any sense?).

We want to watch something that feels naturalistic, especially in a disaster movie; I'm not saying some of those church moments and tunnel moments weren't good, but it would be better if they came up with a reason for them going there, instead of randomly running from A to B.  

VERDICT: If shock surprises and unpredictability is your bag, then dig right in, but if your looking for a film that has a little more meaning and emotion behind the gore and kills then Aftershock is not for you. It's still a fun by-the-numbers flick though.

10 May 2013


Yes everyone that's right, The FIRST Walking Dead Season 4 has been reeled in and it goes against the may rumors that Andrew Lincoln wasn't playing as Rick Grimes in Season 4. All TWD fans rejoice!! Here it is folks for you to indulge in, although it's not much to look at, it's still something and it's got a sneaky background character too. Lori, is that you?

6 May 2013

The 10 Most Annoying Movie Characters

10. LAURIE STRODE (Halloween 2007)
What Makes Her So Annoying: Well, we all love the original Laurie Strode and we all found ourselves routing for her from start to finish, from Halloween 1 to her demise in Halloween: Resurrection; but with this Laurie, I just found her plain annoying. Her constant pleading, her sickening cheesiness with her family and friends, her annoying limp when she is getting chased, which may i add has no explanation and the way she acts like a 12 year old; even her cry is childish. She is less of a victim in H2 but there is no comparison between Curtis and Compton.

9. MORGAN (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2003)
What Makes Him So Annoying: Throughout the entire film, all we hear is constant "smart" remarks from the goof-ball in the corner. He is constantly trying to act smart, and when he's not trying to act smart he is loosing the plot and slabbering every were; say it, don't spray it. He's the guy you pulls the trigger of an unloaded gun on an officer after, he's the one that doesn't stop shouting after every single incident, and he's the one who tries to prove everyone wrong by saying he was right... We all know that guy, and we all hate that guy.

8. JULIE JAMES (I Still Know What You Did Last Summer)
What Makes Her So Annoying: In the first film she spends the entire time feeling sorry for herself, which in itself is quite annoying, but by the time I Still Know comes around she is a big bundle of paranoia and nerves. Who could blame her right? Well when she wins tickets to a holiday and spends the entire trip sulking and thinking Ben Willis is around is very annoying (even though he was and she wasn't seeing things.. shhhh!). Not only that, but she then turns into a badass which, doesn't really go in her favor when she gets an absolute ass-whipping from Willis himself. Oh, and if your so paranoid about Ben Willis, could you not recognize that your friends name is Will Benson? A Coincidence? I think not.

7. CARL GRIMES (The Walking Dead)
What Makes Him So Annoying: Through three Seasons and over 30 Episodes, we have witnessed one kid grow into a pain in the ass, and his name is Carl Grimes. If you're a fan of The Walking Dead then you are aware of how much of a pest he is. All he does is go missing, cry, think he is right and get people killed. Examples? He was the cause for Dale's Dying, he guns down an innocent teen in season 3 finale, He thinks wearing a sherif hat gives him power when it CLEARLY does not, and to this day he constantly goes missing and causes havoc within the group. Carl, why can't you just be likable?!

6. JENNIFER JOLIE (Scream 3)
What Makes Her So Annoying: If you have seen Scream 3 then you know what I'm talking about. She is a Gale-wanna-be who does nothing but over-react in every situation possible; even her run is so over-the-top, it makes her look like one of them inflatable men you sit around car sales shops. I mean this girl takes the biscuit, she looks like she is part of a pantomime; the way she runs, the way she speaks, the way she screams is all annoying, even her facial expressions are too. Is she fun character? Hell Yeah!

5. COLUMBUS (Zombieland)
What Makes Him So Annoying: So there is no denying that his is extremely annoying, but he is annoying in a likable way. Everything about him is annoying; his ocd's, his rules, his cowardness and just small little details, but even though these are bad qualities, the make him likable, if that makes sense? Annoying isn't the word for Columbus but if hes wasn't then he wouldn't at all be an interesting character.

4. ELLIE (Sorority Row)
What Makes Her So Annoying: Her constant screaming. Bare with me here when I say this but from now on in the list it will be nothing but screamers as they are the most annoying people in horror movies. Ellie would be up there are one of the most annoying screamers. I Literally have the impression that she was put in this movie to scream, she has no other purpose other than to play the wimpy and scared girl who, may I add does nothing to redeem herself in this movie. I could go as far to say she is up there as one of the worst character in a horror movie ever.

3. JUDY ROSE (Night of the Living Dead 1990)
What Makes Her So Annoying: Oh lord give me strength. If you though Ellie was bad, check out this Banshee! From the moment we are introduced to Judy Rose, all she does is scream at the sight of every single fucking zombie! No joke, she would bolt up a window whilst crying, and then a zombie would put it's arm through, SCREAM. If you haven't seen the 1990 remake then you literally do not understand how annoying she becomes, and what makes her even more annoying is that she is part to blame for her own death. Dumb-ass.

2. SALLY (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre)
What Makes Her So Annoying: Realistically, she should be number one without a doubt, but i found my number one more annoying in a different way; She is only annoying because she spend around half of the film constantly screaming without end. All she does is scream and scream and scream and SCREAM! FAir enough, I could understand why she would scream, who wouldn't if you had a man wearing a human face chasing you with a chainsaw, but when she screams at absolutely EVERYTHING, then she just becomes a headache. Is it bad to say i almost wanted Grandpa to kill her just to stop her screeching?

1. FRANKLIN (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre)
What Makes Him So Annoying: I'm sure none of you would have expected this one, and would have though Sally would be number one, but the thing is,  I just cannot stand this character. Fair enough, he doesn't scream like the rest, but from the moment the film begins, all he does is sulk and complain and cry and winge and feel sorry for himself like a big baby! A guy cuts his arm and then he doesn't shut up about it until he dies. I should feel sorry for him due to his condition, but when a character moans as much as he does, then it is physically and mentally impossible to like them. Leatherface should have killed him sooner.

4 May 2013

Review: BAIT 3D (2013)

SHORT REVIEW - As Cliched as one feared it might be.
B-Movie Shark attack flicks have been and gone, and ever since the grand-daddy Jaws, there has never really been a decent and watchable shark flick to date, and Bait doesn't dull that negative light that beams over the shark sub-genre; it just makes it brighter.

If you're looking for something to spice up the dead sub-genre, look else were, as all you'll find here is an hour and a half filled with cliches. Apart from basing it in a water-filled supermarket there is very little new or fresh about this film, and that including the effects which, at times come to standard of Sharktopus, effects wise. The film's not all bad it's seriously hard to like when it runs at a slow pace, you can even tell the shark is bored of this one judging by his constant circling of the store. There are a few moments here and there that are excusable, but as for the acting and the accents, wow, it was bad. I think the biggest problem was that they got a group of talentless actors and told them to put on an american accent; even Julian McMahon was shit; Shame on you Dr. Doom! It would have just been easier to get a bunch of ozzies, I'm sure the acting wouldn't have improved anyways..

VERDICT: The Acting is bad, the effects are bad, the action is bad and even the sharks are bad. Despite a few jumpy moments and a pretty good use of 3D, Bait is as cliched as they come; and if you want to watch a shark flick, you would be best giving Jaws another run, for god sakes even watch Shark Night.


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