4 May 2013

Review: BAIT 3D (2013)

SHORT REVIEW - As Cliched as one feared it might be.
B-Movie Shark attack flicks have been and gone, and ever since the grand-daddy Jaws, there has never really been a decent and watchable shark flick to date, and Bait doesn't dull that negative light that beams over the shark sub-genre; it just makes it brighter.

If you're looking for something to spice up the dead sub-genre, look else were, as all you'll find here is an hour and a half filled with cliches. Apart from basing it in a water-filled supermarket there is very little new or fresh about this film, and that including the effects which, at times come to standard of Sharktopus, effects wise. The film's not all bad it's seriously hard to like when it runs at a slow pace, you can even tell the shark is bored of this one judging by his constant circling of the store. There are a few moments here and there that are excusable, but as for the acting and the accents, wow, it was bad. I think the biggest problem was that they got a group of talentless actors and told them to put on an american accent; even Julian McMahon was shit; Shame on you Dr. Doom! It would have just been easier to get a bunch of ozzies, I'm sure the acting wouldn't have improved anyways..

VERDICT: The Acting is bad, the effects are bad, the action is bad and even the sharks are bad. Despite a few jumpy moments and a pretty good use of 3D, Bait is as cliched as they come; and if you want to watch a shark flick, you would be best giving Jaws another run, for god sakes even watch Shark Night.

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