16 May 2013

'Inbred (2013)' Review

SHORT REVIEW - The Hills Have Eyes Meets The Cottage.
Four young offenders and their workers spend a weekend in the remote Yorkshire village of Mortlake, which prides on keeping itself to itself. A minor incident with locals rapidly escalates into a blood-soaked, deliriously warped nightmare in 2011's, yet only released now slasher that is as blunt as a prop knife.

Inbred can be called a lot of things, and one of them not being a good horror film. Imagine two inbred's breeding, and then both their kids inbreeding, now imagine what that child would look like; that's how ugly this film is. It's smothered in as much cheese as it is blood, and its as dumb as some of the inbred's that lurk in the crowd. To be honest, there isn't much going for this film, apart from the occasional gruesome moment, which at times, is spoiled by sheer ridiculousness; the sound (and i don't mean the music), its sounds unfinished and amateur, the acting is on and off, on with Jo Hartley and off with the rest of the cast, the comedy is ineffective and doesn't properly fit within the film, it's just a clunky choice that was added in post-production because they realized how laughable the film was, and it moves at such a slow pace that when the film actually gets interesting it's too late and the film is at near end.

I STILL Have more Brains than this film!
VERDICT: Aside from the last 20 Minutes, the entire film is nothing but a drag through horse shit, making it one of the most annoying films of the year. Why? because it has so much potential and opportunities to pick things up and get the ball rolling, but instead it just drags on, delivering the same laughable gore and cheesy B-movie moments. It's a real shame that the film starts getting good, minutes before it ends. 

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