30 May 2013

'TEXAS CHAINSAW 4' Comes to A Pause...

Texas Chainsaw 4???? I'm so confused..
Well, a while ago news broke that Texas Chainsaw 4 (The sequel to Texas Chainsaw 3D with the weird title) was to begin filming this summer; but it has been revealed that the producers and writers in fact have not yet got a script, and to make matters worse, there hasn't even been a consensus released for the future sequel! So this can mean lots of things; 1. They got themselves in such a pickle that they can't get out of it, 2. There are some problems with the production team, considering that the film's rights are split 50/50, or 3. The film made an underwhelming amount of money and didn't do so well with the critics and audience's that they realize a sequel is not what is best right now. Well, i don't know what is happening, but I would like to see this get the official green-light...soon.

Whether you like Texas Chainsaw 3D or not, Here's the review for you to check out and leave your opinion on the film;  HERE
and even better, let me know what you think about Texas Chainsaw 4 in the comment box below!


  1. i love all Texas Chainsaw moive new one

    1. I'm not a big fan. I love the first (original) and i like the style of the remake. I also like Texas Chainsaw 3D, not many people do (at all) but i liked it.



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