6 May 2013

The 10 Most Annoying Movie Characters

10. LAURIE STRODE (Halloween 2007)
What Makes Her So Annoying: Well, we all love the original Laurie Strode and we all found ourselves routing for her from start to finish, from Halloween 1 to her demise in Halloween: Resurrection; but with this Laurie, I just found her plain annoying. Her constant pleading, her sickening cheesiness with her family and friends, her annoying limp when she is getting chased, which may i add has no explanation and the way she acts like a 12 year old; even her cry is childish. She is less of a victim in H2 but there is no comparison between Curtis and Compton.

9. MORGAN (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2003)
What Makes Him So Annoying: Throughout the entire film, all we hear is constant "smart" remarks from the goof-ball in the corner. He is constantly trying to act smart, and when he's not trying to act smart he is loosing the plot and slabbering every were; say it, don't spray it. He's the guy you pulls the trigger of an unloaded gun on an officer after, he's the one that doesn't stop shouting after every single incident, and he's the one who tries to prove everyone wrong by saying he was right... We all know that guy, and we all hate that guy.

8. JULIE JAMES (I Still Know What You Did Last Summer)
What Makes Her So Annoying: In the first film she spends the entire time feeling sorry for herself, which in itself is quite annoying, but by the time I Still Know comes around she is a big bundle of paranoia and nerves. Who could blame her right? Well when she wins tickets to a holiday and spends the entire trip sulking and thinking Ben Willis is around is very annoying (even though he was and she wasn't seeing things.. shhhh!). Not only that, but she then turns into a badass which, doesn't really go in her favor when she gets an absolute ass-whipping from Willis himself. Oh, and if your so paranoid about Ben Willis, could you not recognize that your friends name is Will Benson? A Coincidence? I think not.

7. CARL GRIMES (The Walking Dead)
What Makes Him So Annoying: Through three Seasons and over 30 Episodes, we have witnessed one kid grow into a pain in the ass, and his name is Carl Grimes. If you're a fan of The Walking Dead then you are aware of how much of a pest he is. All he does is go missing, cry, think he is right and get people killed. Examples? He was the cause for Dale's Dying, he guns down an innocent teen in season 3 finale, He thinks wearing a sherif hat gives him power when it CLEARLY does not, and to this day he constantly goes missing and causes havoc within the group. Carl, why can't you just be likable?!

6. JENNIFER JOLIE (Scream 3)
What Makes Her So Annoying: If you have seen Scream 3 then you know what I'm talking about. She is a Gale-wanna-be who does nothing but over-react in every situation possible; even her run is so over-the-top, it makes her look like one of them inflatable men you sit around car sales shops. I mean this girl takes the biscuit, she looks like she is part of a pantomime; the way she runs, the way she speaks, the way she screams is all annoying, even her facial expressions are too. Is she fun character? Hell Yeah!

5. COLUMBUS (Zombieland)
What Makes Him So Annoying: So there is no denying that his is extremely annoying, but he is annoying in a likable way. Everything about him is annoying; his ocd's, his rules, his cowardness and just small little details, but even though these are bad qualities, the make him likable, if that makes sense? Annoying isn't the word for Columbus but if hes wasn't then he wouldn't at all be an interesting character.

4. ELLIE (Sorority Row)
What Makes Her So Annoying: Her constant screaming. Bare with me here when I say this but from now on in the list it will be nothing but screamers as they are the most annoying people in horror movies. Ellie would be up there are one of the most annoying screamers. I Literally have the impression that she was put in this movie to scream, she has no other purpose other than to play the wimpy and scared girl who, may I add does nothing to redeem herself in this movie. I could go as far to say she is up there as one of the worst character in a horror movie ever.

3. JUDY ROSE (Night of the Living Dead 1990)
What Makes Her So Annoying: Oh lord give me strength. If you though Ellie was bad, check out this Banshee! From the moment we are introduced to Judy Rose, all she does is scream at the sight of every single fucking zombie! No joke, she would bolt up a window whilst crying, and then a zombie would put it's arm through, SCREAM. If you haven't seen the 1990 remake then you literally do not understand how annoying she becomes, and what makes her even more annoying is that she is part to blame for her own death. Dumb-ass.

2. SALLY (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre)
What Makes Her So Annoying: Realistically, she should be number one without a doubt, but i found my number one more annoying in a different way; She is only annoying because she spend around half of the film constantly screaming without end. All she does is scream and scream and scream and SCREAM! FAir enough, I could understand why she would scream, who wouldn't if you had a man wearing a human face chasing you with a chainsaw, but when she screams at absolutely EVERYTHING, then she just becomes a headache. Is it bad to say i almost wanted Grandpa to kill her just to stop her screeching?

1. FRANKLIN (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre)
What Makes Him So Annoying: I'm sure none of you would have expected this one, and would have though Sally would be number one, but the thing is,  I just cannot stand this character. Fair enough, he doesn't scream like the rest, but from the moment the film begins, all he does is sulk and complain and cry and winge and feel sorry for himself like a big baby! A guy cuts his arm and then he doesn't shut up about it until he dies. I should feel sorry for him due to his condition, but when a character moans as much as he does, then it is physically and mentally impossible to like them. Leatherface should have killed him sooner.


  1. So 3 of the 10 most annoying persons of all horror movies ever made appeared in TCM?

    1. yeah and your point is? Like the characters, The franchise itself is very annoying

  2. This is the worst writing i've ever seen. You need an editor immediately.

    1. Thanks there is nothing I love more than compliments! :)



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