17 May 2013


Around a month ago, Amazon released the Pilot for the anticipated TV adaption of the 2009 Hit Zombie flick Zombieland, and news hit today that Amazon wasn't going any further with the show and it's future was out of their hands. To be honest, I'm not surprised that the show has been ended just after the Pilot because, well... let's face it, it wasn't what we all expected it to be, it was slightly disappointing. Although I thought it was a fine attempt at trying to bring back something that was worth another look, it just didn't seem to go down well with a lot of fans; was the crowd a little harsh? definitely, it was the Pilot episode for god sakes, give it a chance! Fair enough, it was a little repetitive but you could tell that with a few more episodes this could have become and effectively scary and funny entry into the Zombie TV Sub-Genre.

It's Another Angry Fan... DO SOMETHING!!
I think the show had so much more to offer but it was darkened by the weak attempt in the Pilot, maybe cause many didn't think it was good, but I think the creators thought they had to cram anything they could into a half-hour, and 30 minutes is so time when your zombie killing. The show won't be missed because it got nowhere, but it was a missed opportunity; The sooner The Walking Dead returns the better.

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