29 Jun 2013

'American Psycho (2000)' Review

American Psycho, the cult classic from 2000 that displayed the depth and range of Bale's talent has to have some of the most memorable moments in movie history, and it appears that everyone loves this dark little treat. Whats not to love really? Christian Bale, good. Gore, good. Sex, good. Crazed psychopaths, GOOD. Through all the torture and splatter moments is a faulty, some-what arrogant feature that almost relays too much on the lead and less on its source material. Behind all of that, is a clever satire commenting on the cliched Wall Street business man from the 80's. As Shrek put it, it's like one big onion, it got layers, and in this case, its layered with stabs at society's rich and arrogant, layered with a psychological meaning, and finally of course, lots and lots of blood.

28 Jun 2013

Frightfest 2013 Line-Up ANNOUNCED

Once again, Frightfest have out-done themselves, and I must say, I have never been more annoyed that I couldn't go this year than ever before because the line-up is just...must watch!

The titles below don't sound as promising as critics are saying so don't let that put you off, because according to Total Film, these are a bunch of horror's you don't want to miss, i.e You're Next, V/H/S/2, Cheap Thrills and We Are What We Are. Personally, I can tell you to look out for V/H/S/2 and No One Lives, and for the gore-hounds out there, Hatchet III. So i'm going to quit the jibber-jabber and just present the list, but beware, you will find yourself becoming annoyed at the fact you are going to miss this, and if you're actually going then consider yourself extremely lucky.

'A Haunted House' Review

A Haunted House, released in UK cinemas last week proved to be a bigger fail than Scary Movie 5, and judging by the team behind it, who brought us both Scary Movie 1 and 2 (which I loved) I actually thought this was going to be a decent comedy, or at least have a few laughs every now and again; boy was I wrong.

27 Jun 2013

Fresh 'YOU'RE NEXT' Poster and GIF

You're Next was SXSW's biggest surprise, and it not only took horror fans but all movie-fans by complete shock and proved to be one of the best films of the festival...who would have thought. So after reading a few reviews I realized that I should be really excited about this film, and recently, I have discovered that I haven't been as excited for a film to come out since Texas Chainsaw (which was a bit of a disappointment). However, I have a feeling that You're Next will go down a treat.

So aside from a few basic, yet quite terrifying profile posters, and a very intense trailer, the film has kind of been low radar, but earlier a New poster was released along with a motion poster which was also done by Carrie; however, this one is better. So take a look at this basic but fascinating You're Next.

First Ever 'CURSE OF CHUCKY' Movie Stills!

Nica (Fiona Dourif) is grieving over the gruesome suicide of her mother when her domineering older sister Barb (Danielle Bisutti) arrives with her young family in tow to help settle their mother’s affairs. As the sisters butt heads over Nica’s plans for the future, Barb’s young daughter comforts herself with a grinning, red-haired talking doll named Chucky (voiced again by Brad Dourif) that recently arrived mysteriously in the mail. But as a string of brutal murders begins to terrorize the household, Nica suspects the doll may hold the key to the bloodshed. What she doesn’t know is that Chucky has a personal score to settle. He’s determined to finish a job he started more than 20 years earlier, and this time he’s going to see it through to the bloody and shocking end.

So last week on-set photos had been released of Curse of Chucky, the upcoming sixth sequel to the killer doll franchise that is yet to have an official release date, and today, OFFICIAL photos of the film have been released, and although I am no Chucky fan, they certainly do tease. Am I excited? Nope, Can I wait? yep, Will it be good? Probably not; but there will be no denying that this will be watched. So here is the unboxing of Chucky, enjoy.

26 Jun 2013

'THE WALKING DEAD: SEASON 4' Photos have been Leaked Online, and contain SPOILERS

Yesterday word broke out that The Walking Dead Season 4 photo's had been leaked online, and as a horror blogger and hardcore TWD fan it was my priority to find these photos, and after a lengthy look I did! So these photo's contain spoilers, but to me i'd call them teasers as they only make me want to watch the show even more.

Judging from the photos below I think things aren't going to go down too well for poor Rick Grimes, and through word of mouth, apparently he is going to see the same treatment his comic book character saw, and judging from the pics, it's not hard to guess what happened to him. However, I have my suspicions of what is to come...

So judging by change of costume etc it is probably the third episode or so, and as I have heard, in the comics Rick kinda gets his hand chopped off because he was bit (I think...), and this photo displays just that. The creators said zombies are going to be a threat again, so its pretty clear that Rick got bit, so whether or not in this photo it's his hand cut off (which it doesn't look like, but there is always CGI) or that he bandaged a wounded hand I don't know, but if it is just a bandaged hand then we have nothing to worry about, because Rick of all people knows the chop before infection. Well, here they are for you to druel over.

25 Jun 2013

'World War Z' Review

Director: Marc Forster
Writers: Drew Goddard, Matthew Carnahan
Stars: Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos, Daniella Kertesz

So as I was saying in my last review (which was Detention of the Dead) zombie movies have really lost their touch and impact and have almost completely fallen off the radar, because there is simply nothing more to do with them, and because anytime they do make one it goes straight to DVD and is mostly shit. Well World War Z tells us there is still a chance yet folks, and that the sub-genre isn't as dead as the flesh-eaters within them; and to be honest, after wasting my time watching Detention of the Dead, it couldn't have arrived in a better time.

21 Jun 2013

'Detention of the Dead (2013)' Review

Avoid this as you would a Zombie in an Apocalypse
2013 has provided the bare minimum in sub-genre variety, and the sub-genre that has been dodged more than sequels is the Zombie path, that in recent years hasn't proved to be heading in the right direction, and aside from World War Z, I can't predict another this year (and after this watch, I do not intent to watch anymore).

17 Jun 2013

'The Last Exorcism: Part 2' Review

When The Last Exorcism came around in 2010, I was far from impressed, and to be honest I actually hated the experience. It was a drab, dull, scare-less rip-off that took the wrong leaf out of the wrong book. It was a forgettable experience that tried to do something different, and failed miserably. When news first broke of a Sequel I wasn't the slightest bit interested, but I felt it be my duty to watch it as I have seen the previous entry. I went into this expecting the very least, and I came out proved right. The Last Exorcism Part 2 is exactly what you'd expect from a sequel to a bad film, it evident that it tries to up-the-anty, yet it fails in comparison.
Part 2 follows directly after the first, presenting Nell at her weakest (and creepiest). She tries to build a new life but then discovers that the evil forces are still within her.

15 Jun 2013

First EVER Look At 'Curse of Chucky' shows Fiona Dourif and Chucky himself!

So a few days ago photos were released of Curse of Chucky and these happen to be the first ever photos of this film, both on film and off-set, and I must say, they are quite intriguing. I, have to admit that I am not a fan of Chucky, nor am I a fan of Jason but I watch the films anyways so there is no doubt that I will watch this when it comes out.

Nica (Fiona Dourif) is grieving over the gruesome suicide of her mother when her domineering older sister Barb (Danielle Bisutti) arrives with her young family in tow to help settle their mother’s affairs. As the sisters butt heads over Nica’s plans for the future, Barb’s young daughter comforts herself with a grinning, red-haired talking doll named Chucky (voiced again by Brad Dourif) that recently arrived mysteriously in the mail. But as a string of brutal murders begins to terrorize the household, Nica suspects the doll may hold the key to the bloodshed. What she doesn’t know is that Chucky has a personal score to settle. He’s determined to finish a job he started more than 20 years earlier, and this time he’s going to see it through to the bloody and shocking end.

'No One Lives' Review

Director: Ryuhei Kitamura
Writer: David Cohen
Stars: Luke Evans, Adelaide Clemens, Derek Magyar

A Gang of ruthless highway killers kidnap a wealthy couple travelling across country, and soon the gang realize that things are not what they seem with the couple

The last time we seen WWE Studios stuck in horror was back in 2005 when they pulled the extremely dull and generic See No Evil, which didn't go down to well with horror fans. This time around, they decided to take another stab at it, and No One Lives proves to be an improvement in nearly every aspect possible.

14 Jun 2013

'Hatchet III' Review

To start things off, I have never been a fan of the Hatchet films, in fact if anything I really didn't like them. Sure I can appreciate the tongue-in-cheek approach but I had always found it a formulaic blood spray that replaces both scares and originality with gore and gruesome deaths. In the case of Evil Dead, that's a good thing, but mindless violence is just numbing. Horror fanatics may love the Hatchet movies, but I find them a bad kick-back to the 80's slasher, and although that may float a lot of boats, for me, it's just tiring and clunky.

Hatchet 3 (III) continues straight after the second outing, and picks up were Marybeth left off, drenched in guts and blood. The police force suspect it was her fault and proceed to the blood sprayed area to pick up the pieces, and during their cleaning time, Victor Crowley returns (once again) from the dead and starts chopping his way through the police force, until he gets what he wants. So if your planning on giving this one a viewing, just keep in mind that expect what you got the previous two times, and if that's your bag, then feast, and if not, then avoid this like you would Victor Crowley.

7 Jun 2013

'V/H/S/2' Review

Searching for a missing student, two private investigators break into his house and find collection of VHS tapes. Viewing the horrific contents of each cassette, they realize there may be dark motives behind the student's disappearance. V/H/S/2, unlike the first only has 5 tapes (including the boring one were they find and watch the "real" tapes) which at first doesn't seem much compared to the previous film, but if anything, it's better; it simply means that you can stuff a great idea with more great moments which make the viewing that bit more pleasurable.

The first tape, Tape 49 opens the film, and closes it, and comes from the man behind You're Next (My most anticipated movie this year). Next which is actually the first of the segments is Clinical Trails Phase 1, done by the director of You're Next and A Horrible Way To Die. A Ride in the Park follows which was done from the team behind The Blair Witch Project; Then comes Safe Haven, the guy behind The Raid, and finally ended with the self-explanatory Slumber Party Alien Abduction, from the mind behind Hobo With A Shotgun. As you can see, this is a pretty educated and talented bunch of film-makers V/H/S/2 has got going on here, but did there talent shine? Or did they miss the mark?

The Good: Instead of taking my usual root on reviewing the good and bad, i'm instead going to talk strictly about the segments... as expected obviously. So let's start off with Clinical Phase 1, which overall was a decent short, definitely led through it's strong, The Eye inspired premise, which is actually the strongest aspect of the segment. Although it doesn't quite hold up the standard of the rest of the segments, it settles down well as an opener, as it only means things get better from there. It's scary, it's fresh and it screams future, maybe this could happen in the future, maybe, but it's not that good to make me think about it.

A Ride in the Park is one of my favorite segments. Why? well because it takes something so simple and spins it around, changing perspectives and making something so tedious and generic, fun and amusing. What makes this segment so good is how it not only up's the fun, but it increases the gore from the previous entry, and the fact that it is something so simple done through different eyes (or a camera attached to a bike helmet, pfft, same thing.). Spoiler here people, but the best aspect is the whole 'What  it would be like to be a Zombie for a day'; I mean whats not to love about following a zombie through it's journey, watching a kiddies party turn red and witnessing intestines being pulled right before your eyes; it's so simple, yet pure genius!

Now, out of all the segments, Save Haven is the most f****d up! Trust me when I say this, you will find yourself thinking "WTF?!" at some point of the segment. I definitely found it the most strange and confusing of the selection, yet the most inventive. Again, if this segment wasn't inventive then it would have been nothing, with a plot this complex i'm surprised they hadn't tried to make it into a full length feature! Although it wasn't my favorite of them all, I found that it was the most intriguing and certainly the most bizarre, and to me, V/H/S needs to be bizarre, that's what makes it work, so this entry just slips right in perfectly and feels right at home. Be prepared for some glorious gore and a killer 10 minutes.

Last, but certainly not the least was The Slumber Party Alien Abduction which happened to be my favorite of them all, which was unlike me (sci-fi just ain't my scene). I'm not quite sure what it was that stood out for me, but what I can say is that it was fun, it was an adrenaline rush, it was intense and it was scary; and not scary in an Insidious type of way, but more like The Fourth Kind or Signs scary. I loved it from start to finish, it's wit, how it's finger is on the youth's pulse, and how surprisingly fun it was to watch; yeah it was weird and very freaky but it never lost the fun styled it established from the start, and the doggy-cam was a great idea when making the aliens look scarier and  action more intense. I can't say enough good things about the final segment, but before I move on, i have to stated that the ending for me was an improvement over the previous entry despite how familiar it seemed, it worked and actually, it was quite smart and scary.

The Bad: I found that with Tape 49, nothing really happened until the end, and I know that it was the opener and it's supposed to be the one that introduces each segment, but I felt as if they could have done something more with this, aside from the ending, it was pretty drab.

I found a few problems with the first segment, the biggest being that it was a little tedious and underwhelming. With an idea like that so much could have been done, but it just felt like the bare minimum was done which was a shame, but it was and I knew not to expect much from it but so much more could have been done with that premise, but aside from a couple of scares and the ending, Clinical Phase 1 was just... average.

There was little that I actually didn't like with A Ride in the Park as it was to me pure genius and fun, but what I did notice, that for a zombie, it has a lot of human qualities, and with the zombies I grew up with and even through The Walking Dead, they have no human emotions, (SPOILER!!!) So why does the zombie walk over to a gun, pick it up and blow his own brains out instead of walking across the road and munching on a 14 year old? That, I don't get.

Safe Haven to me went on too long, yeah, it was really good, but they could have made things move slightly faster. Plus, why would you make a complicated story and then base the segment in China? I found it hard to understand enough without having to read subtitles thank you very much, like what was the problem that they couldn't have based it in America? Fair enough, we do all know how weird the Chinese are in movies so I suppose it works, but if your going to make something complicated  don't add to the complication please by adding a new language.
Ahh, Slumber Party Alien Abduction, what can I say, aside from it not lasting long enough, I had no other problems with it.

VERDICT: V/H/S/2 surpasses the previous entry on so many levels, this time around, it's fun, it's scary, it's inventive, it's intense and it's goddamn entertaining! each segment is filled to the brim with invention, and although this may not be the best horror of 2013, it was still a bloody good watch.

6 Jun 2013

'CARRIE' Gets A New Sheet!

The Scandinavian poster for Carrie has landed gracefully on the lap of Bloody Disgusting, and now we get to take a look at a Brand New poster for the October Remake of Carrie. In My opinion, these posters just keep getting better, and right now, this currently stands as the best of them all.

Take A Look!

Paramount Gain the Rights to FRIDAY THE 13TH. A Sequel is On The Way!

The Hollywood Reporter had revealed that Paramount Pictures, the owners of Jason in the 80's have finally after all these years reclaimed the rights of the Friday The 13th Franchise, and this means that it is a 100% fact that a Sequel will come in the near future, and this being because if Paramount don't do anything about it, they will again loose the rights. So if you were a fan of the Remake then you should be glad to know that a sequel will happen, even if it does take 5 years to happen it will still happen.

So after all these years of fussing over this franchise Paramount has finally got it, and our future in horror, may be filled with nothing but Jason Voorhees.

5 Jun 2013

'The Purge' Review

The Purge, 2013's Sci-Fi, Action, Horror starring Ethan Hawke is about a family that is held hostage for harboring the target of a murderous syndicate during the Purge, a 12-hour period in which any and all crime is legalized, and they find themselves in a life or death situation.

If The Purge will do anything it will split audience's right down the middle, if you look at it as a thriller, it's smart and intense, if you look at it as a horror, it's stupid and lack scares, and well, if you look at it as an action flick, well, it lacks action. The case with me is that I don't know if I liked it or didn't, but splitting the good's and bad's might help even things up a bit more.

2 Jun 2013

'Fresh Meat' Review

Fresh Meat, a Horror Comedy all the way from New Zealand that brings the Sub-Genre to a new direction, but it was certainly not an adventurous one. There is very little I can say about a film that takes the comedic aspect too literally and almost seems to forget the horror aspect of it all, but I must, so I will.


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