2 Jun 2013

'Fresh Meat' Review

Fresh Meat, a Horror Comedy all the way from New Zealand that brings the Sub-Genre to a new direction, but it was certainly not an adventurous one. There is very little I can say about a film that takes the comedic aspect too literally and almost seems to forget the horror aspect of it all, but I must, so I will.
The Good: Fresh Meat is exactly that, it's fresh meat, it's a new take on the Cannibal and Horror Comedy sub-genre, whether it's for the bad or the good, but that's what it does. It twists or perspective of what we expect a cannibal film, which is a good thing, considering the fact that most people go by the stereotype that cannibals are deformed psychopath freaks that live in the woods, all thanks to The Hills Have Eyes, Wrong Turn etc. I liked that about the film, it's unique twist on a long-lived horror stereotype, and although they don't play enough on the concept, there is still a decent amount of wit to keep us satisfied at the most. Now, the case with the rest of the film, is that it's not as witty or even as respectable as the concept, which is an awful shame.

The Bad: Where do I begin is the real question. Well, i'm going to be blunt here, I hated the film; in fact, I found it very hard to like a film that replaces horror with ineffective and dull comedy; if the comedy doesn't work, and there's no horror, then what is there left to enjoy? Cheesy dialogue? Bad Acting? A lack of blood for a cannibal film? pfft, it's all one big clunky version of Neighbors with added psycho. I literally can't imagine how someone could like something so dull, and so flavorless (pardon the pun); even the gore falls below the bar of what we expect in this sort of flick, and if the creator's had any sense, they would have at least added a bit more gore and blood, or even the odd Wrong Turn moment. But nope, they didn't, so all were left to enjoy is the odd quirky moment.

Now, I'm pretty sure this aspect would fit in the good side for every male viewer, but what was the point in the whole lesbian aspect of it all? The film seemed to be based around lesbianism more than it had the need to be; so now i'm not to sure if it was a real writer who wrote this, or a 16 year-old sexually frustrated teen who took a week out from comics to write this film. It all just felt a bit pointless to say the least; yeah the odd boob and ass shot was attention grabbing but other than that, it just felt like a way to get teenage boys to watch it. Well, teenagers, I'd suggest you watch Marcus Nispel's Friday The 13th instead for a good source of boob and sex and avoid this nasty film.

VERDICT: Aside from the quirky twist on a well-worn sub-genre Fresh Meat just proves to be yet another clunky entry into 2013's worst horror films. It's dull, it's dumb and it's down right laughable; and although that may be the director's intention, i don't think they are quite aware that there is more chance of us laughing at it than laughing with it; and that's what happens when your replace the horror with childish comedy.

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