27 Jun 2013

Fresh 'YOU'RE NEXT' Poster and GIF

You're Next was SXSW's biggest surprise, and it not only took horror fans but all movie-fans by complete shock and proved to be one of the best films of the festival...who would have thought. So after reading a few reviews I realized that I should be really excited about this film, and recently, I have discovered that I haven't been as excited for a film to come out since Texas Chainsaw (which was a bit of a disappointment). However, I have a feeling that You're Next will go down a treat.

So aside from a few basic, yet quite terrifying profile posters, and a very intense trailer, the film has kind of been low radar, but earlier a New poster was released along with a motion poster which was also done by Carrie; however, this one is better. So take a look at this basic but fascinating You're Next.

And for the GIF poster, check here http://fuckyeahyourenext.tumblr.com/

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