17 Jun 2013

'The Last Exorcism: Part 2' Review

When The Last Exorcism came around in 2010, I was far from impressed, and to be honest I actually hated the experience. It was a drab, dull, scare-less rip-off that took the wrong leaf out of the wrong book. It was a forgettable experience that tried to do something different, and failed miserably. When news first broke of a Sequel I wasn't the slightest bit interested, but I felt it be my duty to watch it as I have seen the previous entry. I went into this expecting the very least, and I came out proved right. The Last Exorcism Part 2 is exactly what you'd expect from a sequel to a bad film, it evident that it tries to up-the-anty, yet it fails in comparison.
Part 2 follows directly after the first, presenting Nell at her weakest (and creepiest). She tries to build a new life but then discovers that the evil forces are still within her.

The Good: The Last Exorcism Part II has very little aspects that make it an improvement on the original never mind a decent film, so it's almost a challenge trying to find moments that are worthy of a positive mention when 80% of the experience is boring to an extent of near-tears. Looking past the many negative hurdles you can see that this is actually quite scary for what it is. Well, it not as much scary as it is jumpy, so you will find a few aided jump-scares along the way, and even if they might not benefit or relate to the narrative it's still something that will make you jump regardless. The only part of the entire film that I found remotely interesting was the final ten minutes that wasn't even much to watch to begin with, and felt more like a scene from Carrie more than anything. How unoriginal.

Spider Woman Reborn
The Bad: Where do I start is the real question in all of this. Well, I can start of by saying the title "Part 2"  and "The Last" doesn't make much sense, if anything it should have been called "The Exorcism: Chapter 2", and I know that's not much of an improvement but it would be a step in the right direction. The best way to describe this nasty flick is to say its a big nothing, and if you think extreme amount of drab sequences is entertainment then Part 2 is the film for you (and also, if it is, then you have a strange taste in films). They don't put Movies in the Entertainment category for nothing! It has to be entertaining and if it's not then what's the point really? That's what this installment feels like to me, a big waste of my precious time that I could have spent watching Stoker. Now as you all know, and as I have mentioned before, I do not like The Last Exorcism, so for me to watch this was already a recipe for disaster; and maybe that was the problem, you should only go into this if you were a fan of the original, and then maybe you'll like it or maybe you won't, but if you had no taste for the first then avoid this and make it the first thing you do.

I found it hard to sit through this mind-numbing watch is the last 10 minutes because it happens to be the only time were you're actually drawn in to what's happening, other than that it's one of those films were you sit, head on hand while your elbow is on the arm of the chair and think to yourself "Why did I ever decide to watch this..."

VERDICT: Part 2 is a drab experience that, aside from a few aided jump-scares, simply has nothing more to offer. I wouldn't recommend this to the casual film go-er and definitely not to a fan of the first, as they might just wined up disliking the franchise over this nasty watch.

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