29 Jun 2013

'American Psycho (2000)' Review

American Psycho, the cult classic from 2000 that displayed the depth and range of Bale's talent has to have some of the most memorable moments in movie history, and it appears that everyone loves this dark little treat. Whats not to love really? Christian Bale, good. Gore, good. Sex, good. Crazed psychopaths, GOOD. Through all the torture and splatter moments is a faulty, some-what arrogant feature that almost relays too much on the lead and less on its source material. Behind all of that, is a clever satire commenting on the cliched Wall Street business man from the 80's. As Shrek put it, it's like one big onion, it got layers, and in this case, its layered with stabs at society's rich and arrogant, layered with a psychological meaning, and finally of course, lots and lots of blood.

I can appreciate the humor, the gore and the psychological approach to it all, but to be fair, it just wasn't my cup of tea. I like what the film represents, and its dark humorous approach to the 80's rich lifestyle, but I find that it's one of those horror films that would annoy horror fans. Don't get me wrong, its an intense, dark experience, but with an ending like that, it's bound to piss some people off, right? We all hated April Fool's Day, why? because the ending f**ked us all over by saying none of it was real; same thing with Cry Wolf, I mean that is just a kick in the balls and a middle finger to the face if you ask me. That's kind of what happened in American Psycho, it did this, not with a kick to the balls, but with more of a slap to the face; it was annoying, but actually kind of clever.

So for all you who did fully understand the film here is the explanation: All the murder and the madness is part of Bateman's imagination, and his drawings, are his way to picture how people would die i.e drawing a girl with a chainsaw through her after putting a chainsaw through a girl. 

VERDICT: American Psycho never quite knows what it wants or what it is, but with a mix of black humor, gleeful horror and an superb performance from Bale, makes American Psycho an enjoyable thrill-ride.

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