21 Jun 2013

'Detention of the Dead (2013)' Review

Avoid this as you would a Zombie in an Apocalypse
2013 has provided the bare minimum in sub-genre variety, and the sub-genre that has been dodged more than sequels is the Zombie path, that in recent years hasn't proved to be heading in the right direction, and aside from World War Z, I can't predict another this year (and after this watch, I do not intent to watch anymore).

Detention of the Dead, 2013's biggest failure, although I had never predicted good results from this, I had just never expected the result to be this bad, especially from such a sandbox styled horror. The freedom provided was simply wasted by total cliche and self-parody. It's neither scary, nor funny, and it even fails as an acceptable zombie flick. Aside from a couple of positive and excellently stereotypical characters, Detention has nothing left to offer; even the gore is inexcusable.

There is nothing more to say other than the fact that you should avoid this as fast you would a zombie in an apocalypse. Detention of the Dead offers the bare minimum even by zombie standards, skip this trash and just wait for World War Z, and even if it is bad, i'm sure it won't be as bad as this.

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