28 Jun 2013

'A Haunted House' Review

A Haunted House, released in UK cinemas last week proved to be a bigger fail than Scary Movie 5, and judging by the team behind it, who brought us both Scary Movie 1 and 2 (which I loved) I actually thought this was going to be a decent comedy, or at least have a few laughs every now and again; boy was I wrong.

If your looking for a drab comedy that falls short on laughs and enjoyment then look no further, as this formulaic disaster is brimmed with cliche, lacking in any source of originality, in both the gags and action. The fact that I enjoyed myself more watching Scary Movie 5 says it all, and despite trying to draw the spoof genre back into a more mature and less childish approach, it makes the final result a big mess with constant sex gags that generate little laughs.

This lack-luster attempt at a spoof makes the late Scary Movie films look like masterpieces. With a film that cuts short on decent laughs and replaces them with constant sex gags can only mean bad, and A Haunted House proves that the spoof sub-genre is in fact dead, with the help of this and Scary Movie 5. A Haunted House 2? The horror!

VERDICT: Part Scary Movie, Part Disaster of a movie, A Haunted House is a jumbled mess that lacks any sense of humor or intellect. 

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