26 Jun 2013

'THE WALKING DEAD: SEASON 4' Photos have been Leaked Online, and contain SPOILERS

Yesterday word broke out that The Walking Dead Season 4 photo's had been leaked online, and as a horror blogger and hardcore TWD fan it was my priority to find these photos, and after a lengthy look I did! So these photo's contain spoilers, but to me i'd call them teasers as they only make me want to watch the show even more.

Judging from the photos below I think things aren't going to go down too well for poor Rick Grimes, and through word of mouth, apparently he is going to see the same treatment his comic book character saw, and judging from the pics, it's not hard to guess what happened to him. However, I have my suspicions of what is to come...

So judging by change of costume etc it is probably the third episode or so, and as I have heard, in the comics Rick kinda gets his hand chopped off because he was bit (I think...), and this photo displays just that. The creators said zombies are going to be a threat again, so its pretty clear that Rick got bit, so whether or not in this photo it's his hand cut off (which it doesn't look like, but there is always CGI) or that he bandaged a wounded hand I don't know, but if it is just a bandaged hand then we have nothing to worry about, because Rick of all people knows the chop before infection. Well, here they are for you to druel over.

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