23 Jun 2013



20. JENNA - FRIDAY THE 13TH (2009)

Why is it so unexpected? Well after the first events we are introduced to a new group, and from that group we follow the sensible, good-looking girl, who does all the right things for the right reasons; so naturally, we see her as the "Final Girl", but, when Clay's sister is brought back into action, we see poor Jenna bite the dust, in a startling manner. Just as she is about to escape, Jason machete's her and rips her away from safety. Didn't see that one coming...


Why is it so unexpected? One of the year's most disappointing movies brought nothing but cliche's and predictability. However, I did not see the death of James coming. Sure I thought someone would die from the family, actually I thought all of them would, but what is so unexpected was the fact that he was the only one who died...Bummer.


Why is it so unexpected? Zombieland, one of my favorite zombie flicks involved one of the biggest actors Bill Murray who played himself, and although this was a completely ingenious move, the character doesn't make the best decisions does he? Thinking it would be funny, he sneaks up on Columbus dressed as a zombie, to then be blown away by a shotgun from the same person. The fact it literally comes out of nowhere is what gets you, and that it felt as if he had so much more screen-time to give. Unlucky Bill, but you deserved it.

17. KIRBY - SCREAM 4 (2011)

Why is it so unexpected? Ah Kirby, my favorite Scream 4 character, your way is a thorny way. Well, what can I say, from a girl who knows her sh*t about horror films you think she would be able to avoid this typical horror moment, but nope, she never seen it coming, and neither did I. This death caught me by surprise majorly, and maybe it was because Charlie played a great victim, or that I just loved her so much I don't know, but it was one hell of a shock.


Kim, the lovely mother-in-law unfortunately gets too involved in the young girl's business and ends up paying the price; and although I had never really thought that she might have died, it's the fact that she was such a nice character and the fact that she was played by Katie Holmes, such a familiar name makes her death even more surprising, and even the way she goes (Her shins snap and she is dragged done a hole) is extremely unpleasant.

15. STEVE - EDEN LAKE (2008)

Why is it so unexpected? This death, is the case of big name being cut too early, and watching Michael Fassbender die horribly within the first half of the film was extremely unexpected in many ways. 1, he is f**king Michael Fassbender, 2, his death is extremely violent and unsettling and 3, such a major character bites the dust so early on. Well, it wasn't the most unexpected thing ever, but it was pretty gasp-worthy.


Why is it so unexpected? We all kind of knew the day would come that Laurie would finally be laid to rest in Halloween, and I thought maybe they would do it in H20, turns out they didn't, and instead, decided to kill her off at the very beginning of Resurrection! I thought maybe they would kill her near the end, build the suspense and create a bigger impact, but nope, right at the start were we didn't expect it. Resurrection could have been so much better, but after her stab to the back and fall to her death, the film goes downhill from there. You were missed Laurie.


Why is it so unexpected? Eli Roth finally gets a decent role in a film, and in Aftershock, we follow him from the start to his death, to us, he is presented as the main character, so for him to be violently killed around the mid-way point, was pretty shocking. I did not see it coming at all, thinking he would maybe die at the end saving someone, nope, dies in the middle act, in an undignified manner, being crushed and burnt alive. Ouch!

12. DAVID - EVIL DEAD (2013)

Why is it so unexpected? Well remakes tend to stay pretty close to the original, and we all know that Bruce's character Ash, survived for 3, so as expected, we are all led to believe that David, the leading make character would survive; I couldn't have been so wrong. The film takes a different turn and creates a dominant surviving female this time around, so David, doesn't make the cut so close to the end, being burnt alive in an attempt to save his sister. Awwww.


Why is it so unexpected? Probably one of the most iconic moments of Final Destination, and definitely the most memorable of the franchise, we see Terry, the bitchy teen suddenly get splattered by a speeding bus, and this death literally comes out of nowhere. Probably one of the most unexpected of deaths, poor Terry (and the audience) just didn't see that bus coming; lesson learned, always check for ongoing traffic before crossing a road.


Why is it so unexpected? Dr. Loomis, as you know survives as long as Donald Pleasence does, so for Rob Zombie's Loomis to die is just bizarre, never mind in the fashion he dies in. Killing off Loomis is shocking enough, but the way he dies just makes things so much worse, being slashed violently to death my Myers himself. Know, I don't know about you, but I would have predicted Laurie to die before him. What a way ti catch us off-guard Rob, Fair play.


Why is it so unexpected? Ah Wendy, one of the most unlucky movie victims is forced to wear the face of her father which is extremely powerful and disgusting, luckily she escapes from the crazed psychopaths, and just as she is running for freedom, she is slapped by a passing lorry. Wow, how unfortunate. Well, another point for Zombie cause that, I did not see coming. Wendy, take notes from Terry in future.

8. CASEY - SCREAM (1996)

Why is it so unexpected? Once again, a case of a big name biting the dust too early. Drew Barrymore meets her demise at the very beginning of Scream, which I think speaking on behalf of everyone is completely unexpected alone, but the way she goes makes it even worse; "her insides on the outside" slags Tatum, and what a way to go for the mega-star. And to think she was up to play Sydney until the last second.


Why is it so unexpected? Yet another case of a big name being picked off before their due date, Samuel Jackson becomes shark chum around the middle of the film, and even though I expected him to die, I didn't expect it to happen as sudden and surprising as it did. The shark comes out of nowhere, and before you know it, Jackson's rant comes to a bitter end.


Why is it so unexpected? Rachel, the leading lady in Halloween 4 played alongside all the horror rules of being a survivor, she was a virgin, she never had sex, she was sensible and was likable. But, come Halloween 5, she is displayed as more of a sex object this time, and even so, I still did not expect her to die at all never mind dying so early on. It was a death that really caught me by surprise, and maybe one of 5's best moments. Worked out for the best I suppose.

5. RANDY MEEKS - SCREAM 2 (1997)

Why is it so unexpected? Ah Randy, everyone's favorite Scream character comes to an unexpected and unfortunate end, when he get's too involved in horror talk and forgets horror rules, to never have your back to a deserted car or area. Why Randy WHY! He is ripped into a new van and is then slaughtered by knife-happy Ghostface. To be honest, I knew he would die in the second outing, but again, not as early as it did.

4. LIZ - WOLF CREEK (2005)

Why is it so unexpected? Liz, the leading lady of Wolf Creek meets her demise a lot sooner than expected, and for her to die first, was what made it so unexpected. We follow her as a strong dependent woman, and when she goes to get a car like the brave girl she is, she just happen to choose the wrong one and is unfortunately tortured until dead (fingers cut off and spine slowly shattered). Actually, both deaths in this are pretty unexpected but this is the one that really lets us know that all bets are off.

3. CLARA - [REC]3: GENESIS (2012)

Why is it so unexpected? The Bride has to be one of the most kick-ass heroines in horror movie history, and as the film comes to a settled end, one zombie with a hearing-aid takes an almighty chuck from her hand, and just when you think she survived infection after the groom chopping off her infected arm, she turns and he was too late with cutting off her arm...how unfortunate, and what a twisted way to end a film (if you have seen it you will know what i'm talking about).


Why is it so unexpected? In horror films with children, we always just assume the kid will survive because well, they always do. Not in Funny Games they don't, and not in a nice manner either. The poor boy tries to shoot the killer, and failing to do so, the gun is taken off him and his head is blown to smithereens. Now if that wasn't unexpected then I don't know what is.

Why is it so unexpected? One of the most famous horror films ever, and judging by this characters death the most misleading horror as well. We follow Marion, from the very beginning, so for her to just die in the middle act is just unspeakably shocking; and if you have seen the film (and every horror fan should have) you know just how unexpected this death is, and is perhaps the most shocking death in movie history.

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