29 Jul 2013

First 'HAUNTER' Poster Shows Abigail Breslin In A Jar...

Haunter, being released October 18th is a Supernatural Horror starring young up-incoming film star Abigail Breslin (Zombieland, Final Girl, The Call). Lisa Johnson is one day shy of her sixteenth birthday. And she will be forever. She and her family are dead and doomed to repeat that fateful last day before they were all killed in 1985. Only Lisa has “woken up” and realizes what is going on. She starts to feel as if she is being haunted, but the “ghost” turns out to be Olivia, a very much alive girl who lives in the house in the present day with her own family. With her help, Lisa discovers that the house once belonged to a serial killer who kidnapped teenage girls and burned their remains in a hidden furnace room. When he died, he became a Haunter – a powerful, evil spirit able to possess the living.

Check out the bottle-trapped one-sheet below!

'Frankenstein's Army' Review

Director: Richard Raaphorst
Writers: Richard Raaphorst, Chris W. Mitchell
Stars: Karel Roden, Joshua Sasse, Robert Gwilym

Toward the end of World War II, Russian soldiers pushing into eastern Germany stumble across a secret Nazi lab, one that has unearthed and begun experimenting with the journal of one Dr. Victor Frankenstein. The scientists have used the legendary Frankenstein's work to assemble an army of super-soldiers stitched together from the body parts of their fallen comrades -- a desperate Hitler's last ghastly ploy to escape defeat.

Frankenstein's Army, the one of two horror's this year that take the name 'Frankenstein' to a whole new meaning hits (very few) cinemas soon, and depends which way you will look at it, either way you will be surprised.

Check Out The First UK 'YOU'RE NEXT' TV Spot That Gives Us A Taste Of Whats To Come

Courtesy of HeyUGuys, An exclusive TV Spot for the upcoming horror You're Next that has cause a storm with those who had the pleasure of catching it earlier. When the Davison family comes under attack during their wedding anniversary getaway, the gang of mysterious killers soon learns that one of victims harbors a secret talent for fighting back.

This New trailer brings back most of the previous elements from the first trailer, yet some new footage that is enough to tease anyone into a coma. It looks brilliant. Take a look at the link below to watch the TV Spot.

28 Jul 2013

Top 5 Most Anticipated Horror Movies To Come Before 2014

Here is a list of 5 horror films to bit our screens before January 2014 that I can simply not wait any longer for, expect some crowd-pleasers and dark-horses to come up in this list. Let Me Know what your Top 5 would be in the Comment box below!

Check out the List Below.

27 Jul 2013

'Hell Baby' Review

Director: Robert Ben Garant, Thomas Lennon
Writers: Robert Ben Garant, Thomas Lennon
Stars: Leslie Bibb, Rob Corddry, Thomas Lennon

An expectant couple who moves into the most haunted house in New Orleans call upon the services of the Vatican's elite exorcism team to save them from a demonic baby.

Horror-Comedies are becoming scarce in this day and age, and the reason so many aren't noticed is because so many fail to achieve the comedy aspect along with the horror, the balance is never quite right, and Hell Baby, is one of those movies. 

When I think 'horror-comedy', what comes to mind is Shaun of the Dead, Zombieland, and Grabbers; When I think of bad ones, A Haunted House and Scary Movie 4 come to mind, and now, Hell Baby will be added to that 'Beware' list.

26 Jul 2013

'SCREAM: THE SERIES' Has Captured Its Writers!!

Earlier this year news broke out that a Scream TV Series was to be made behind MTV, and although there has been very little news about the actual series landing on its two feet, news broke out that Jay Beattie and Dan Dworkin (The writers of Criminal Minds) are writing the series to the Hit franchise of Wes Craven's Scream. Am I excited? definitely; Would I have wished there was a Scream 5 rather than an MTV show? of-course.

First Look At '[REC]4 APOCALYPSE' Which Is Currently Being Filmed!

The fourth sequel to the Spanish Cult-Classic [REC] is currently being filmed, and what better way to display their words than with a behind-the-scenes photo of the anticipated final chapter of the [REC] Series. Director and Co-writer Jaume Balaguer├│ gives us an interesting yet rather pointless photo. Still worth a look though.

Check it out below.

Australian 'YOU'RE NEXT' Poster Shows The Animals Ready To Hunt

The Animals are all on display in the New Australian You're Next Poster, and although it's not near as good as the previous posters, it's still something new to look at.

See the cunning Poster Below!

25 Jul 2013

'Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines' Review

Director: Declan O'Brien
Writers: Declan O'Brien, Alan B. McElroy
Stars: Doug Bradley, Roxanne McKee, Camilla Arfwedson,

A group of college kids head to the mountains for a Festival on Halloween in West Virginia, and there they encounter a nasty group of cannibals who's intent is to pick anyone off who gets in their way of saving their cousin in jail.

Having endured all 5 entries of this horrible franchise, I can now say that I am most definitely not a fan. Aside from the first entry, Wrong Turn has taken far too many wrong turn's for its own good, and the fact that it has lasted this long without having that inner voice of the makers telling them to stop for peoples health is startling. Cutting the first and possibly the second out of the picture, the Wrong Turn franchise has become a joke within the horror genre, loosing all of it's redeeming features with franchise progression and simply becoming one of those franchises were the only difference between each sequel is the body count and the fashion in which they die in; It's all the same recycled trash over and over.

5 Favourite Horrors Of 2013 So Far!

Here is a list of my top 5 favourite horror films that have hit theatres or VOD from January to July. These films may not necessarily mean "The Best", but it's the ones I loved the most so check out below to see my list.

Oh and Let Me Know your list in the comment box below!!

24 Jul 2013

Abigail Breslin Joins 'Maggie' Alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger

Hollywood Reporter released that Abigail Breslin, the fresh young talent has landed the lead role in the upcoming zombie flick Maggie, that has already snatched its father role, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

[Pic Of The Week] Photo Of The 'TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE' Franchise Is Brilliant

Found this great photo of the history of the Texas Chainsaw Franchise, going through the deaths and survivals of each film, and although it's not "amazing", it's just such a fun picture that would make for a great poster.

Maybe One of the Halloween Franchise next time?

23 Jul 2013

'POLTERGEIST' Remake Claims It's Lead!

The Remake to the 80's classic has bagged themselves a female lead Rosemarie DeWitt, most famously known for her roles in Hit US Show Mad Men and United States of Tara.

'Stoker' Review

Director: Chan Wook Park
Writers: Wentworth Miller, Chan Wook Park
Stars: Mia Wasikowska, Nicole Kidman, Matthew Goode

After India's (Wasikowska) father dies, her uncle whom she didn't know existed comes to live with her and her unstable mother (Kidman). She comes to suspect that this charming, handsome man has ulterior motives and becomes increasingly weary of him.

Wook Park's Stoker, what many are calling a "Masterpiece" may not be what plenty are living it up to be, which could all be depending on what your bag is, and coming from a slasher and fun horror movie lover, I wasn't delighted with this devious thriller; having said that, it is definitely a movie experience that can be admired for its detailed layers that it has to offer, and it may not be a horror fanatic type of film, its dark atmosphere and final act could surely please that horror lover.

22 Jul 2013

'HALLOWEEN' 35th Anniversary Blu-Ray Details Revealed!

The Masterpiece that is Halloween is having its very own 35th Anniversary Blu-Ray release that will be ready for pre-order on 28th August, whether or not you will be owning it at a quite expensive price of $34.99 (still not clear of UK price). So if you are already considering without even knowing the features then consider yourself a pretty dedicated fan (like me).

Check out what the Blu-Ray Special has to offer...

'THE WALKING DEAD: SEASON 4' Promotion Stills Rise Online!

SpoilerTV found some interesting promo images over at TWDWiki that surprisingly haven't appeared before hand online. Coming from the fourth season of the hit TV Series, Season 4 promises to make Zombies scary again, and judging by the latest Comic-Con trailer, it looks like it will be one of the best seasons yet.

'THE CONJURING' Dominates The U.S Box Office, Scaring Off 'R.I.P.D' And 'PACIFIC RIM'

The Conjuring opened in the US this week, and aside from rave reviews from critics, it managed to completely blow all the competition of out the water, bringing in a massive $41.5 Million (£27 Million)! Considering the type of film this is, it being an old-school ghost horror, I am very surprised about the audiences interest in the next film by ghost-wizz James Wan who definitely knows a thing or two about how to scare an audience. Having watched The Conjuring (Review coming soon) I can say that although this type of genre film doesn't quite suit to my taste, I can say that it is scary.

Check Out the US Box Office Below!

21 Jul 2013

'Tower Block' Review

Directors: James Nunn, Ronnie Thomson
Writer: James Moran
Stars: Sherdan Smith, Russell Tovey, Jack O'Connell, Ralph Brown

Several months after witnessing a murder, the residence of tower block 31 find that they are being picked off one-by-one by an unknown sniper, and the group realize that they are in a battle for their lives.

Tower Block, the 2012 Brit-Thriller from James Nunn is what you would expect from this sort of genre flick, a snappy plot with a very formulaic delivery, this demand of thrills occurred with 2008 creepy home-invasion horror The Strangers, and although these are completely two different types of movies, they have a lot of similarities.

Fede Alvarez Talks 'EVIL DEAD' DVD And Possibility For Ash To Join Mia In Sequel

At Comic-Con '13, many were able to get their hands on an interview with 2013 Horror-hit remake Evil Dead Director Fede Alvarez, who, upon discussion revealed the possibility of Ash returning for the sequel (that is most definitely happening), and teasing us with a "groovy" post-credit clip of Evil Dead, there is extreme suspicions that he will in fact return as Ash to join Mia. Here is the interview below.

20 Jul 2013

'Urban Legend' DVD Review

Director: James Blanks
Writer: Silvio Horta
Stars: Jared Leto, Alicia Witt, Rebecca Gayheart, Tara Reid, Joshua Jackson

After a few grisly attacks at the local University, a group of college teens aware of the in's and out's of Pop-Culture realize that the violent acts of attacks happening in the University all appear to be tales of an Urban Legend, and they soon realize there is a killer on campus, killing his victims in the fashion of an urban legend.

The Film: Urban Legend, the post-Scream teen slasher flick is a by-the-books "who done it" slasher that took a few to many leafs out of Scream's book. It's somewhat intelligent plot is seemingly over-looked by the absurd lack of originality, and it's over-dose on sub-genre cliche's adds an extreme feeling of "been there, done that".
With a movie experience near extinct of any original material, it's hard to appreciate an experience that feels like a fan-film of the Scream Series, and despite its fun tone, it doesn't have enough wit or self-humor to carry the whole film, and although it tries which works in places, the film just becomes an uneven attempt to keep the teen-slasher sub-genre alive.

19 Jul 2013

Comic-Con '13 Brings Us The First 'THE WALKING DEAD: SEASON 4' Trailer, And It Is Spectacular!

The Walking Dead has been dominating Comic-Con '13, with News, Pictures and even amazing set designs on location. Not long ago the Cast and Creators hit the panel at SDCC and brought to us, the first ever Season 4 Trailer, and boy is it Amazing. Look Inside to catch the Unmissable trailer for the upcoming Season, premiering on October 13th. Anyone else as excited as me? 

Two New 'CURSE OF CHUCKY' Stills Present Chucky's Darker Side

Starburst Magazine has released two New Curse of Chucky Images that would tease any Chucky fan into a coma. Being released on October 24th in the UK and the 8th for the US, Curse of Chucky will be hitting shelves in the UK around Halloween to keep the spirit high and mighty, and despite being a sequel to the under-whelming Seed of Chucky, Curse seems to be the next film every horror fan wants to get their hands on. If crap, then so be it, but I predict this to be a fun little movie in months to come. Look out, because Chucky is back.

Check out the Brand New Images Inside..


The Walking Dead Wiki and other sources got their grubby hands on some exclusive photo's from the upcoming season of The Walking Dead, and with a Brand New Trailer being presented live from Comic-Con tonight, I say this is the perfect way to get the taste-buds tingling for TWD fans.

Sharni Vinson Talks 'YOU'RE NEXT' At Comic-Con '13

You're Next, one of 2013's newly anticipated horror satire hit Comic-Con yesterday, delivering an advanced screening of the film and wowing audiences who caught it at previous film festivals. I Am Rogue caught up with lead Actress Sharni Vinson to talk about her bad-ass role as Erin in the upcoming Horror-Comedy.

You're Next is released on August 23rd in the US and the 28th in the UK.
Check Out the Exclusive Interview Below!

18 Jul 2013

'I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE 2' Trailer Get's Online From Comic-Con

I Spit On Your Grave 2, the follow-up to the 2010 "controversial" torture-porn flick that clearly found itself more superior than it actually was, and although Grave isn't what I would call an "effective" torture-rape, this new trailer really gets the rusted engine up and rumbling again with its snappy and vicious look. Considering my dislike for the first film (not the original) i'm not quite sure if Grave 2 will appeal to me, but this New Trailer is certainly driving me in the right direction.

Comic-Con '13 Brings Us A Creepy New 'NOTHING LEFT TO FEAR' Trailer

Earlier today, Lead Guitarist from Guns 'n' Roses' Slash presented his fist-time producer roll for the upcoming chilling horror Nothing Left To Fear that is hitting Blu-Ray and DVD in October. Earlier today, Comic-Con presented the first ever Trailer for Nothing Left To Fear, and although it had some chilling elements, it seemed all too familiar, and a little to lifeless.
I won't be holding my breath on this being a substantial chiller horror, but if it is willing to deliver the scares then it should go down a treat. Check out the Trailer Below.

AMC Teases With Yet Another 'THE WALKING DEAD: SEASON 4' Image of a Walker For Tomorrow's Trailer Reveal!

The Walking Dead has been all over Comic-Con '13, dropping teasers here and there for the big reveal of the First Ever Season 4 Trailer tomorrow at the San-Diego Event.

My excitement for this trailer is unbearable so to get these frequent Walker images is just plain torture. We all have the right to feel anxious for the first trailer from Season 4 tomorrow, and AMC promises it to be a good one.

Comic-Con 2013 Interview On 'NOTHING LEFT TO FEAR' With Producer, Guns N Roses' Slash!

Bloody Disgusting's Evan Dickson got his hands on Slash and was able to get an Interview with his first feature Nothing Left To Fear which hits Blu-Ray and DVD October 8th 2013.

17 Jul 2013

Meet 'THE WALKING DEAD: SEASON 4's' Bob Stookey From Comic-Con 2013

EW released an exclusive new look at Larry Gilliard Jr. as Bob Stookey in Season 4 of The Walking Dead. Fans of the comic should be familiar of his presence, however, Showrunner Scott M. Gimple says that his backstory may not be completely what it is in the comics, which should be exciting.

'Beneath (2013)' Review

Director: Larry Fessenden
Writers: Tony Daniel, Brian D. Smith
Stars: Daniel Zovatto, Bonnie Dennison, Chris Conroy

Six high school seniors celebrating with day's excursion find themselves on rowboat attacked by man-eating fish and must decide who must be sacrificed as they fight their way back to shore.

Beneath, a horror-thriller that can be described in one single word; Horrifying. So as you probably know from my 0.5 rating that I mean "Horrifying" in the most negative of ways. Wow, this movie experience has taught me a very special lesson, to not spend and hour and a half of my time on a complete horrendous experience like this again! I suppose I should have watched Sharknado over this then?

'INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 2' Gets A New, Unimpressive Poster

Insidious Chapter 2, coming to us September 13th continues on from the previous entry, and although I wasn't a fan of the first, I am sort of looking forward to its release, yet I don't know why. But IGN today released a Brand New Chapter 2 Poster that isn't exactly "good" but is enough for any fan who cannot bare to wait for it's release; and for all the fans out there, check HERE for the exclusive clip!

Below is the New Sheet for Insidious Chapter 2!

'House of Wax (2005)' DVD Review

Director: Jaume Collet-Serra
Writers: Charles Belden, Chad Hayes
Stars: Elisha Cuthbert, Chad Michael Murray, Brian Van Holt, Paris Hilton

A group of teens on root to a game camp in a deserted area, and when a strange man in a van arrives, things start to go wrong, resulting in them going to the nearest town. Whilst there, they come across a House of Wax and soon realize that the waxed figures aren't what they seem, and there is a masked killer behind the murder and creation.

The Film: House of Wax is a lot of things, and one, is that is it not a good movie; its not a bad movie, but it ain't a good one either. In saying this, it is an enjoyable one, and despite it's many flaws, if you are willing to see past them then underneath you will find a mindless yet fun teen slasher flick. Don't get me wrong, its pretty hard to dig deep into the fun zone when it piled underneath heaps of crappy material, one of which involves Paris Hilton and a plot turn that is so pathetic and pointless that it just makes her character even more annoying than herself.

Comic-Con 2013 'YOU'RE NEXT' Poster Is Pure Genius!

The San-Diego Comic-Con 2013 is continuing, and news broke out that tomorrow is the day for You're Next, and lucky for all the comic-con attendees as they get to see and Exclusive viewing of the film tomorrow! As for the rest of us, we have been graced with a spectacular New Poster that is the best I have seen since The Cabin in the Woods one sheet, if not better.

16 Jul 2013

Paramount May Push 'PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 5' Back To January

Paramount Pictures, the ones unfortunately bringing us Paranormal Activity 5 are currently debating whether or not to push the sequel back to January of 2014 instead of the original release date of October which was the release date of the past three sequels.

Fede Alvarez Talks 'EVIL DEAD 2' And His Approach To The Sequel

Courtesy of Collider, an exclusive interview with Fede Alvarez has been put online as he talks about the sequel-to-be Evil Dead 2 and his involvement with the project.

10 Posters Better Than The Movie

My latest list, displaying 10 posters that made a horror look better than what it was. Getting the impression a movie was good was most likely through the poster we are displayed, and what a slap in the face it is when a film turns out to be worse than you expected.


15 Jul 2013

Comic-Con Reveals New Fearful 'CARRIE' Banner

The San-Diego Comic-Con seems to be delivering the goods when it comes to horror this year, and the event is far from over so expect even more news and photo's from upcoming horror events. Carrie was part of the line-up this year, and what a better way to show progress than to show up a Brand New Movie Banner; and although it has some familiar aspects, I cant help but admire it.

Alex Ross' Comic-Con Poster For 'THE WALKING DEAD: SEASON 4'

Comic-Con seems to be providing all the goods that we, Walking Dead fans are looking for, and today, Alex Ross revealed his poster for Season 4, and although it's not exactly what I would call a poster for the show, and one more for the comics, it's still good to get a little more info and inside look to what Season 4 has to bring us.

Coming from the same comic-book artist who did Spider-man and Batman, take a look at his latest work below.

'Grabbers' Review

Director: Jon Wright
Writer: Kevin Lehane
Stars: Richard Coyle, Ruth Bradley, Russell Tovey

When an Island of the coast of Ireland is invaded by blood-sucking aliens, the gang in the village realize that the only way to stay alive is to get drunk. In an attempt to save the town, Officer Ciaran O'Shea gathers all in the local pub to get them all drunk to save them from the alien invasion.

Grabbers, 2012's slimy Irish answer to Attack The Block hits the U.S screens this July, and having seen this in a year in advance (as I live in Ireland so I was able to catch it on original release), I can say that you will never have more fun watching a movie than you will this whole year so far. What can I say, it's doing my country proud...oh wait, no actually it isn't, in fact, it's a comedic approach to the Irish alcoholic stereotype, which is, well... very true.

Have You Seen the Platinum Dunes Pitch For 'HALLOWEEN 3D' ?

Well not many of you know, but there was a Pitch released by Platinum Dunes back in September for making the upcoming sequel to the Zombie remakes, Halloween 3D, and although the bare minimum of news was released for the film, animated pictures and a video were released to give everyone a taster of what is to come; and boy, it looks promising.

New Walker Image From 'THE WALKING DEAD: SEASON 4' And Announcement Of First Trailer!

AMC has released a basic but stunning new image of a Walker, teasing us to the exact amount to keep us excited for the Trailer Reveal that is hitting live online on Friday on Bloody Disgusting, from the San-Diego Comic-Con. Are you excited? Well I cannot wait, and every TWD fan should feel the same way.

14 Jul 2013

'Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III' Review

Director: Jeff Burr
Writer: David j. Schow
Stars: Kate Hodge, Ken Foree, William Butler

A Californian couple come across an incident at a deserted gas station, during there rush to escape after another encounter from Leatherface they are in an accident with a survivalist, who then all realize they are being haunted by the masked killer Leatherface and his cannibal family.

12 Jul 2013

'Dead Set' DVD Review



Director: Charlie Brooker
Writer: Charlie Brooker
Stars: Jamie Winstone, Andy Nyman, Riz Ahmed

During the live eviction of hit British TV-Reality show Big Brother, a Zombie outbreak reaches the grounds of the Big Brother house, eliminating and turning all from the outside whilst the housemates inside are unaware of what beholds them on the outside world, and soon become aware that in order to stay alive is to keep secure in the Big Brother house.

Norman Reedus Stars in the Next OFFICIAL 'THE WALKING DEAD: SEASON 4' Photo

Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, We have got our hands on an exclusive photo of the bad-ass that is Norman Reedus in the best horror-inspired TV show to date, The Walking Dead, sporting a neat bandanna (or neckerchief) as the loved character Daryl Dixon.

11 Jul 2013

'TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D' Producers Tackling 'DAY OF THE DEAD' Remake

Back in 2008, we were in full-throttle with Remakes, and one that was delivered to us in such a poor fashion was Steve Miner's Day of the Dead remake that not only pissed Romero fan off, but was a pretty sh*t movie. I mean zombies that can climb up walls? Never again.

10 Jul 2013

Chloe Grace Mortez Takes Entertainment Weekly's Front Cover as CARRIE

This news may not be what us horror fans are hopping for when it comes to finding out the new details about Carrie, but it's a different look for what we have seen before, and it goes to show that there is progress, meaning only one thing... more material at Comic-Con!


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