16 Jul 2013

10 Posters Better Than The Movie

My latest list, displaying 10 posters that made a horror look better than what it was. Getting the impression a movie was good was most likely through the poster we are displayed, and what a slap in the face it is when a film turns out to be worse than you expected.


10. TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D (2013)
What Makes it Look So Good: Well unlike most others, I actually liked Texas Chainsaw 3D, and although I thought it was a fun movie I did expect it to be much better than it was, and what led that on; this god-damn poster. I mean look at it! It screams Leatherface without actually showing him, and those masks are creepy enough to look at more than once, and lets be honest, we all looked at those masks wondering which one Leatherface was wearing in the film. Simple, crammed and enticing. "Evil Wears Many Faces"..Chilling.

9. THE EYE (2008)
What Makes it Look So Good: Let's just say The Eye was pretty much a big nothing, an overall good idea with an absolute garbage delivery. This poster is actually quite fascinating, it makes you think about what this film is about, and when you see the film, you realize just how unlike the poster it is. Poster = Original, haunting fascinating. Film = Drab, lifeless, scare-less, unoriginal.

8. THE TASK (2011)
What Makes it Look So Good: The Task, one of the worst horror films I have ever seen actually has quite a mysterious sheet, and as enticing as it looks, The Task is as pathetic as one can be. This poster kinda gives off this vibe of a man in a clown outfit, torturing and videoing innocent civilians, which to me is interesting. The film however, is like Big Brother gone wrong, very wrong. Just no.

7. V/H/S (2012)
What Makes it Look So Good: V/H/S was good, but it wasn't really what everyone expected it to be, and for me, I was disappointed because I checked out the poster before watching. I mean look at it, its genius! Video tapes lined up so that it makes the shape of a skull, that is just sheer originality and brilliance right there; the film however was neither.

What Makes it Look So Good: This poster isn't really that good, but what makes it on this list is that it tells a completely different yet better story than the film. "A hot student who could get any guy she wants is secretly a cold blooded killer who lures men into her trap in which she tortures them till death", but instead we are left with "A girl gets cursed, and turns into a man-eating monster". Pfft, that is just plain trash as is the film.

5. HOUSE OF WAX (2005)
What Makes it Look So Good: The idea behind House of Wax is brilliant, the delivery unfortunately is not. This film could have been so much better than what it was if in the hands of the right director, and as for this poster, well, it makes the film look like some creepy-ass sh*t. The film is deprived of scares and originality, whilst the film is drenched in it. If only... 

4. THE WARD (2011)
What Makes it Look So Good: Perhaps one of the most unexpectedly bad horrors, The Ward comes up strong on plot and not on delivery, and the poster just presents the good of the film, the creepiness, eeriness, and inventiveness of the film, which is just not the case. The imagery in this poster is beautiful yet uncomfortable, as for the film, well it's just plane lazy.

What Makes it Look So Good: LOOK AT IT! it's frightening! The Uninvited however, is the furthest thing from that, its just plain terrible. Needless to say, this poster just stomps all over the film with pride.

2. THE PURGE (2013)
What Makes it Look So Good: Well if you have seen The Purge then you will know what I am talking about when I say, I have never been more disappointed with a film in a long time. Such a wasted opportunity beyond belief. The poster and the trailer promote this film in the best was possible, and was enough to lure everyone into a big jumbled mess of a film. How creepy is that face on the poster, that smile and those eyes just give me the heebee-jeebees.

What Makes it Look So Good: Don't let the poster or title fool you, the film is not as interesting or yucky as one might imagine, and this poster alone makes the film look simply disturbing. The film however isn't as rotten or sick as one might have thought, and what makes us think this way? this poster! its so basic yet so fascinating, and it gives us a million ideas, none of which end up in the film. Centipede had the potential to be special, presented through the poster, but instead it was a poor attempt to break the genre.

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