25 Jul 2013

5 Favourite Horrors Of 2013 So Far!

Here is a list of my top 5 favourite horror films that have hit theatres or VOD from January to July. These films may not necessarily mean "The Best", but it's the ones I loved the most so check out below to see my list.

Oh and Let Me Know your list in the comment box below!!

Many, and I mean many disliked this 2013 direct-sequel to the Tobe Hooper Classic, and I can see why many wouldn't like Chainsaw; it's extremely clueless, numbing, and a laughable attempt to follow the original, but it's so god-damn fun! Don't get me wrong, its a bad movie, but I mean it's perfect to sit an watch with friends, food and drink. I even own the DVD for crying out loud!

So I'm not sure if many have actually seen No One Lives, and the ones who have don't quite make heads or tales about liking it, but me, I actually thought this was an extremely fun, smart and brilliantly gory revenge-slasher horror that demands a watch the next opportunity you get! You may not think it, but it's a great night-in flick with friends! Try it and see.

Ok so maybe what makes this film as good as it is was because the zombie genre was as dead as the walking dead within them, so to see a fast-paced, fun, epic adventure with zombies in it was surprisingly refreshing, and World War Z is nothing short of that. It has Brad Pitt in it as well so I mean why else would you want to see this?

Well V/H/S being a slight disappointment I wasn't looking forward to 2 very much, so for this to turn out like it did was pretty impressive. Each segment is filled to the brim with inventiveness, and although they might not all fit to everyone's taste, there is enough variety in here to keep the film fun and fresh. Looking for mindless fun? Then V/H/S/2 is the movie for you.

Don't be turned off by the fact that this is a remake, because it surpasses any horror remake there is, 2013's Evil Dead will be the most gruesome and gloriously entertaining movie you'll catch this year, and if you haven't seen it yet then make it your business to see it now. Creepy, gross, and horribly fun; how could you not love a horror that makes for a near-perfect horror movie experience.

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