9 Jul 2013

'Texas Chainsaw (2013)' DVD Review

Director: John Luessenhop
Writers: Adam Marcus, Debra Sullivan, Kirsten Elms
Stars: Alexandra Daddario, Dan Yeager, Trey Songz, Tania Raymonde

A young woman, Heather (Alexandra Daddario)  travels to Texas with her friends to collect her inheritance from the Sawyers in whom she just found out was her real family. Oblivious to what lives in the basement of the home that is now hers, her friends become stalked by the chain saw welding Leatherface, and soon blood is spilled.

The Film: Texas Chainsaw (or 3D for all the lucky American Blu-Ray owners) was released late May, and you bet your bottom dollar I went and grabbed myself a copy despite not being a big fan of it when it was released; but it's what I do, I was set from the get-go with buying this when released, and believe me I did not regret the £10 I payed for this.

The DVD was pretty good, mostly on the behalf of the special features of course but that I will talk about later, as for the movie itself, well, the content is all there, but the delivery was off...way off. I don't blame the writing team behind this project for the slightly unexpected fail of the project with audiences world-wide, but Luessenhop for delivering an in-ept suspense slasher, and believe me when I say this, when you watch the extras, you will see that all the ingredients were there to make a great slasher sequel, but Luessenhop failed to bring them to live on screen.

All this negativity makes it sound like I didn't enjoy the film, which I did, but I think it was more of the case were it was so bad it was good. Annoyingly, Chainsaw could have been so much better, I mean the pieces were all there it was just down to creating a complete puzzle that slacked. Scenes like the carnival was a complete wasted opportunity, it actually annoys me how much more could have been done and wasn't; placed in the hands of Joss Whedon that scene could have been remarkable. As for the characters, you couldn't have got more cliche, which is kinda the running theme of the film anyways; an hour and a half of pure cliche. A Bad thing? Sure, but was the film fun? Yes.

Chainsaw may not be Shaun of the Dead, The Cabin in the Woods or even Scream fun, but it's that sort of fun were you can completely take the piss out of the film, it's characters, it's common sense and it's cheesy one-liners, "Welcome to Texas Mother F**ker", oh and "Do your thing cuz"... I cringed to my very bone. Constantly shouting at the screen and laughing at the endless dumb-ass character decisions is only half of what makes this experience fun, and sitting with friends, food and drink enhances the credibility even more. I mean how you could you not like a film that engages you for the good or bad, that's just a sign that it's a good movie experience. Daddario's frequent skin display is sure to involve any teenage boy and guys alike, and a particular scene where she has constant near nipple-slips; what's not to like. As for the ending, well don't even get me started on that.

The Extras: With a film that doesn't deliver fully, you'd almost hope the special features would be good, and that they are. Content practically covering every aspect of the film, it's hard not to appreciate the effort that went into making this, and how much it could have been better in the hands of another director.

We get three different commentaries for three different types of audiences, that's right, Three! However, it's not worth watching the movie 3 times straight just to hear the makers opinions, but in saying this, the commentaries (aside from Yeager and Luessenhop's) are pretty interesting. The rest take a look at the making, 2013's Leatherface, the legacy, the opening scene, the killings, an alternate opening etc, and all of which are very interesting. Watching the special features one after the other does take up a surprising amount of time, but it's that interesting that it flies in. What I found most disappointing was the Alternate opening which made the bare minimum of changes from the original opening sequence, which makes you wonder why it was even added. The five-minute snippets provide a short, yet engaging look behind how a lot of the pivotal moments were done, and quite frankly, some look better behind the scenes than on-screen.

VERDICT: Texas Chainsaw is an uneven DVD, a generic yet above average movie with superb special features. Although the film may feel a little lack-luster with it's cliche set-up, it is still a fun modern slasher that is best watched with wit, and as for the extras, they come in mass sizes, delivering the goods from behind the camera, they're so good they make you wonder why the film wasn't up to standard. Just make sure you like the film before buying the DVD.

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  1. I really liked this review, and watching it with friends is so much better, what's not fun about taking the piss from a dumbass movie like this! My rating - 2.5/5



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