22 Jul 2013

'HALLOWEEN' 35th Anniversary Blu-Ray Details Revealed!

The Masterpiece that is Halloween is having its very own 35th Anniversary Blu-Ray release that will be ready for pre-order on 28th August, whether or not you will be owning it at a quite expensive price of $34.99 (still not clear of UK price). So if you are already considering without even knowing the features then consider yourself a pretty dedicated fan (like me).

Check out what the Blu-Ray Special has to offer...
Anchor Bay is re-releasing the classic to make it better than it ever was before, delivering it in the best HD quality, the top in sound whilst still maintaining the classic theme tune without tweaks, The cinematography will be crisp and clear, and Michael Myers will look as mean and amazing as ever.

Before I go on to the actual special features, please just take time to admire the superb and beautiful front cover of the Anniversary Blu-Ray. Look at it, it's stunning.

“Anchor Bay Entertainment has been home to Halloween for almost 20 years,” noted Malek Akkad, President of Trancas International Films and son of Moustapha Akkad. “I’m so happy that we’re partnering with them to present the definitive edition of what is widely acknowledged as one of the seminal horror films of the 20th century.”

Special Features
- All-New Commentary with Writer/Director John Carpenter and Lead Actress Jamie Lee Curtis
- "The Night She Came Home" New Featurette with Jamie Lee Curtis
- On Location
- Trailers
- TV & Radio Spots
- Additional Scenes from TV Version

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  1. Can't wait for this release! Halloween is one of my favorite horrors! Excited!



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