15 Jul 2013

Have You Seen the Platinum Dunes Pitch For 'HALLOWEEN 3D' ?

Well not many of you know, but there was a Pitch released by Platinum Dunes back in September for making the upcoming sequel to the Zombie remakes, Halloween 3D, and although the bare minimum of news was released for the film, animated pictures and a video were released to give everyone a taster of what is to come; and boy, it looks promising.

Halloween 3D lacks a premise, or even a development status, but the fact that a pitch was released, and a good one at that, means this sequel should be hitting our screens in years to come, and hopefully a lot sooner than expected. Now, as for the actual pitch, well, it's pretty amazing. Scary, intense and menacing, this pitch proves that the Dunes is on the right track to making Myers as haunting as he was in '78, and if they stick with this idea for the opening sequence, then i'd bet it would be a return-to-form for Myers and the Halloween Series.

Here is the pitch for you to watch, and you should definitely watch this, it's worth it. Oh, and take a look at some pictures also below.

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