16 Jul 2013

Paramount May Push 'PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 5' Back To January

Paramount Pictures, the ones unfortunately bringing us Paranormal Activity 5 are currently debating whether or not to push the sequel back to January of 2014 instead of the original release date of October which was the release date of the past three sequels.

Originally for release in October 25th, Paramount are thinking about moving it now to January 6th, and although they may think this could be a dip in the market for the series, both Mama and Texas Chainsaw 3D were released early January and both hit the number one spot in the box office. So maybe this could make the market expand, or (hopefully) decrees enough for them not to make another sequel. At this moment it is unclear what is actually going to happen, but with a lack on general news, my senses are telling me January.

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