15 Jul 2013

'Grabbers' Review

Director: Jon Wright
Writer: Kevin Lehane
Stars: Richard Coyle, Ruth Bradley, Russell Tovey

When an Island of the coast of Ireland is invaded by blood-sucking aliens, the gang in the village realize that the only way to stay alive is to get drunk. In an attempt to save the town, Officer Ciaran O'Shea gathers all in the local pub to get them all drunk to save them from the alien invasion.

Grabbers, 2012's slimy Irish answer to Attack The Block hits the U.S screens this July, and having seen this in a year in advance (as I live in Ireland so I was able to catch it on original release), I can say that you will never have more fun watching a movie than you will this whole year so far. What can I say, it's doing my country proud...oh wait, no actually it isn't, in fact, it's a comedic approach to the Irish alcoholic stereotype, which is, well... very true.
Believe me, I know how you feel being observant with a film based and made in Ireland, about yucky alien-octopus creatures who can't kill those who are drunk, called "Grabbers". I was the same, before going into this film in theaters last year I expected the worst, and maybe that's why the film was so good, because I wasn't expecting much, so maybe you shouldn't too, but in fact, it genuinely is a great sci-fi horror comedy that takes the sub-genre back into old-fashioned property, that delivers hearty laughs and jumpy scares. Sure, it may not be kosher for horror fans, but it's a good old laugh that doesn't take itself too seriously and is fine with poking fun at itself.

Grabbers may not be what you would call "hilarious" as it's not, and it wouldn't be "unique" because it isn't, sure the idea is fresh to the sub-genre but aside from all that originality lays a quite generic alien tale that has the odd cliched moment, and despite being an overall fun experience, it can't help but fell a little confused in what direction it's trying to take the audience in the first act; not that the first act is bad, its just that is the second that delivers the goods. The acting on Ruth Bradley's behalf is spotless and she sports the "drunkest of them all", and if her character doesn't make you laugh, then I won't know what will. The effects are top notch for an off-the-radar, (assuming) low budget satire, and seeing effects this good in a film so unknown only gives audiences more of a reason to watch it. Lets just say that, Grabbers may not be "perfect" by any means, but it's a hell of a lot of fun.

VERDICT: Part Shaun of the Dead, part ''Peter's Two Dads'' episode of Family Guy, Grabbers is a great sci-fi satire that plays gleefully in the Irish stereotype, delivering the best of drunken gags. It may not be "hilarious" or scary, but definitely one of the most ludicrously entertaining film in years; this Irish alien flick will surely make you chuckle more than you would have expected. A Must See.

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