14 Jul 2013

'Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III' Review

Director: Jeff Burr
Writer: David j. Schow
Stars: Kate Hodge, Ken Foree, William Butler

A Californian couple come across an incident at a deserted gas station, during there rush to escape after another encounter from Leatherface they are in an accident with a survivalist, who then all realize they are being haunted by the masked killer Leatherface and his cannibal family.

Where do I begin, seriously. I mean, what has happened to Leatherface? and bare in mind this was before Leatherface when off the rails in Next Generation and literally had the dress sense of an army hooker and a transvestite, but this is clearly the film were he lost his nightmare features and replaced them with laughable implants. What is scary about Leatherface anymore? Aside from wearing human flesh, he is a lumbering dumb-ass who can't even use a weapon that made him iconic in the first place.

With an introduction that inspired Jeepers Creepers and Texas Chainsaw 3D, it's hard not to get intrigued with the whole "mystery follower" segment, and as soon as Leatherface is introduced into the mix, the film just goes downhill from there, which is extremely unfortunate considering its the first film with his name in the title.
Never before has Leatherface been so useless, and aside from Chainsaw 2, he is at his worst form. Chainsaw 3 isn't scary, it's fun and is the least bit intelligent. The film's tone changes as often as the family does in each film, so don't get comfortable when you find a few pleasing moments because it will change, and it will become utter-trash from then on in. The acting is horrible, the score is ineffective and the intensity that made the original so iconic is nowhere to be found; this is just one big mess for a slasher, and comes pretty close to being the worst in the franchise.

VERDICT: Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III is an ugly attempt to try and bring back the classical elements from the original Chainsaw Massacre, and whilst it captures some familiar family aspects, it can't help but feel like a trashy fan-film that fails to capture anything remarkable or memorable.

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