10 Jul 2013

'This is the End' Review

Director: Evan Goldberg, Seth Rogen
Writers: Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg
Stars: Seth Rogen, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Emma Watson, Danny McBride

While attending a house party at James Franco's, many celebrities find themselves stuck in the middle of what appears to be an apocalypse, and after many of them falling to their death, a small group of actors stay hidden in Franco's home, and encounter a few bumps along the ride.

This is the End does for the comedy genre what a horror film filled with many iconic killers would do for the horror genre, it's simply the wet dream all the comedy seeking genre lovers have been waiting for, and although this hybrid my overdose on a little too much horror for a comedy, it can still be admired and loved for it witty humor and brilliant character development; and what this film does with Michael Cera will literally scar you for life when watching another one of his films.

It may not be the genre-buster many were expecting, but with a lock of decent laughs in here it's hard to fault a film that falls into the genre for core reason of laughs alone, I mean who ever liked a comedy that wasn't funny? Exactly. Being a lot more comedy than it was horror (which was to be expected), it's easy to appreciate what the film brings for all us were expecting a scare, and it may not be scary by any means, but the constant horror elements and homages are simply brilliant. 'The Exorcist of Jonah Hill' will surely provide a few laughs and presented what The Exorcist would act like as a hybrid; pretty fascinating.
The characters, aside from one miserable Jay Baruchel were all a bonus to the feature, and their obvious unscripted banter makes the experience better and the laughs more heartier. The witty, snappy dialogue that nips at the fellow cast members is this films best feature, and despite a few tedious gags the laugh-o-meter gets pretty high (especially on Craig Robinson's behalf). The plentiful cameo's make for a more developed watch, and watching them die just makes the viewing that more fascinating; watching Rihanna fall to her death was...well, strange.

The visuals, a lot of the time was iffy and very undeveloped on the behalf of the look of characters falling from a height, and although we do get a superb looking demon at the end, it all feels a little stale, judging my the animated movement etc. In saying this I was pleasantly surprised with the effects on This is the End, but let's just say it was pretty obvious to tell what was real and what was CGI or green-screen. Drying up on laughs around the middle section made the film a slight drag, and despite it often humor, there were a few moment's were gags didn't land, and in a comedy depending on laughs, it's kinda worrying with a cast so dominant. Doesn't by any means that it wasn't funny because it really was, but it could have been funnier.

VERDICT: This is the End may not be the genre-busting comedy any were expecting, and isn't exactly "hilarious", but it makes for a pleasant hybrid satire that will surely deliver plentiful laughs along the way; and with a combination of classic horror conventions, this will definitely please horror and comedy fans alike.

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