2 Jul 2013

'100 Bloody Acres' Review

Director: Cameron Cairnes, Colin Cairnes
Writers: Cameron Cairnes, Cokin Cairnes
Stars: Damon Herriman, Angus Sampson, Anna McGahan

100 Bloody Acres, Australians fierce answer to 2011's Tucker & Dale vs. Evil lands safely on its own two feet aside from a few wobbles. Brothers open their own business, and soon realize that the ingredient to make it perfect is the flesh of the living. As a small group of friends stumble across one of the brothers and end up involved in their business, they realize that they got a lift from the wrong guy, or did they?

Despite feeling less like a horror and more like a satire with gore, it captures the essence of what makes us love the horror-comedy sub-genre, and although the gags aren't laugh-out-loud hilarious and the gore isn't wall splattered material, the balance works in it's favor to deliver a well-balanced gleeful horror.

The characters are often likable especially involving the quite clumsy lovable lead who manages to portray the psycho cannibal in the first act (slightly resembling the brother of Victor who gives the characters a lift in House of Wax) and then is able to pull off the sensitive, stupidly charming "victim" in act two. As for the rest, their acting is above average but nothing memorable as for their character development which becomes flaky at times.

VERDICT: Often funny, often gory, it never quite makes that complete merge which can be off-putting in a film that feels more like a comedy with gleeful gore and less like a hybrid horror. Despite its many character and narrative flaws it is a fun hybrid genre flick that may or may not go down well with horror fans depending on who the audience is, you may like it, you may not, it's just that sort of flick.

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