11 Jul 2013

'TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D' Producers Tackling 'DAY OF THE DEAD' Remake

Back in 2008, we were in full-throttle with Remakes, and one that was delivered to us in such a poor fashion was Steve Miner's Day of the Dead remake that not only pissed Romero fan off, but was a pretty sh*t movie. I mean zombies that can climb up walls? Never again.

The producers of Texas Chainsaw 3D (Lati Gorbman & Christa Campbell) have got the rights to do a 2014 remake of the classic and are grounding it more to the original than what 2008's version completely ignored. Being behind the slightly uninspired Texas Chainsaw, I won't be expecting much from this pair, but being in the search for a screenwriter means there head is in the game, and judging by the root, I think the pair are on the right path to making something decent.

"We want to make sure that his fans are happy. These are not going to be zombies climbing walls and doing back flips like in World War Z" Says Campbell, and perhaps giving digs to the most successful zombie film in ages, they better be up to their game if they think they can slabber a good if not great zombie flick. Don't play with fire, you might get burnt.

If they decide to add in everyone's favourite zombie Bub, then they better make him pretty darn cute, and if they can't do it right, then they better not do it at all!

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