22 Jul 2013

'THE CONJURING' Dominates The U.S Box Office, Scaring Off 'R.I.P.D' And 'PACIFIC RIM'

The Conjuring opened in the US this week, and aside from rave reviews from critics, it managed to completely blow all the competition of out the water, bringing in a massive $41.5 Million (£27 Million)! Considering the type of film this is, it being an old-school ghost horror, I am very surprised about the audiences interest in the next film by ghost-wizz James Wan who definitely knows a thing or two about how to scare an audience. Having watched The Conjuring (Review coming soon) I can say that although this type of genre film doesn't quite suit to my taste, I can say that it is scary.

Check Out the US Box Office Below!

1. The Conjuring - $41.5m
2. Dispicable Me 2 - $25.1m
3. Turbo - $21.5m
4. Grown Ups 2 - $20m
5. Red 2 - $18.5m
6. Pacific Rim - $15.9m
7. R.I.P.D - $12.8m
8. The Heat - $9.3m
9. World War Z - $5.2m
10. Monsters University - $5m

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