3 Jul 2013

'THE WALKING DEAD: SEASON 4' Comic-Con Banner Drips in Familiarity

At this years Comic-Con I have been very excited to hear that the makers of You're Next would be there which only means one thing, either a new trailer or new clip, and there is nothing I am looking forward too the most than the summer release of You're Next. But, I had seem to forget that Comic-Con every year brings us the newest update of The Walking Dead, and being a massive fan I am extremely hyper to see what this year's CC provides.

There has been a banner released for the fourth season that happens to be the second official release of the look of the upcoming season, and although it treads on familiar ground, it's still kind of exciting to see the gang back in action, and showing Tyresse in battle is only making the comic lovers dribble at the mouth.

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