11 Aug 2013


Check out this smart, professionally presented blog, Cinema Chords that should hit the right note for any movie fan out there. Though it's presentation lacks unique features, it's presented in such a professional manner that it could pass for a movie website as famous as Total Film or Scifi Now; That's how well it looks.

There is plenty of in depth movie news and reviews to indulge in that it takes away the stop, look and continue element from it that most blogs suffer from, and the detailed and packed content make you want to read more and stay for longer; before you know it you will find yourself in the search bar more than once.

I can always appreciate a blog with a rating, especially a star rating, so for Cinema Chords to have it's own star rating enhances the intelligent style. So despite not being a horror blog I think it's worth a look; and The Conjuring review should be in there if you horror addicts feared a review site without horror. HERE IS THE SITE LINK BELOW


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