18 Aug 2013

BLOG OF THE WEEK #3 - Grimm Reviewz

Grimm Reviewz
Grimm Reviewz, a blog so packed full of juicy horror goss that you find it hard to simply leave the site after reading one article. This is actually the first horror-based blog I have named Blog of the Week, and boy, for all you horror fans out there, this is worth a definite look!

Though nothing special when it comes to visuals, Grimm Reviewz is jam-packed with great horror elements from recent reviews to generous competitions, and you may think this is a stop-by blog, well you would be wrong, as you find yourself looking at a review, something will catch your eye from either side of the post, and that my friend is sure to happen.

The review standard is pretty well done, and a star rating is always refreshing to see in a blog, though, a change of image from a bright, slightly animated star rating to a unique and more genre suited rating would add a little extra spice to this tasty dish.

By no means is it perfect, I mean no blog is, but Drew Van Ess II does a pretty good job at making something that is a worth a good hard look,
and if you find yourself coming in and out of this blog, then you haven't fully explored yet what it 
has to offer.

Here is the link for you to check out below!

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