21 Aug 2013

'Girls Against Boys' Review

Director: Austin Chick
Writer: Austin Chick
Stars: Danielle Panabaker, Nicole LaLiberte, Matthew Rauch
Running Time: 96 mins
Genre: Thriller, Drama
Year: 2013

After a series of bad experiences with men, Shae teams up with her co-worker, Lu, who has a simple, deadly way of dealing with the opposite sex.

Girls Against Boys is what I call 'A big loss for a small nothing', what appears to have more potential than the average revenge flick, comes out looking like a cheap attempt to do something original, completely failing on the front, and as a decent story to follow. What can I say, with a movie experience so dry it's hard to appreciate the flavor it provides, and Girls Against Boys just becomes another lifeless entry into the revenge sub-genre.

On the front, Girls Against Boys isn't as stylistic as it perhaps needed to be, and ends up looking like the typical thoughtless movie with little to none visual flare. With a film as sexy as this, you would expect a more visually-driven experience, with the beauty of Only God Forgives and the style of Stoker, but instead we are presented with a blandly shot, colourless attempt at trying to present a well-crafted female-driven revenge flick. The display doesn't help the plot whatsoever, and in fact exhibits the overall narrative for what it is; a drab, unoriginal, good-for-nothing movie experience.

Nicole LaLiberte does a pretty good job at presenting a sexy and slick yet twisted character that accompanies the slightly frustrating Danielle Panabaker who's performance perhaps wasn't as good as it needed to be. The pair's characters never really glue, presenting this awkward atmosphere that carries from when they first meet to the very end. Having said that, I think their performances blend together quite well, delivering a fun quality when needs be, to a sadistic quality when the guys just get a little too bad; if Girls Against Boys hadn't captured the two female leads, then it would have even had that quality that made this one star possible.

Not really horror, and not thrilling enough to call itself a thriller, Girls Against Boys doesn't quite know what it wants to be, so it faces this never ending hurdle that it never quite gets around, so we the audience are left watching a muddled, sloppy and arrogant piece of film work that plays like a one-man band who blows on his own trumpet. What annoyed me the most was its clear over-use of extreme slow motion; did it have a purpose? Nope, was it effective? Nope, was it annoying? Very. I mean the movie became annoying to watch after a wile due to the frequent use of Danielle Panabaker posing in slow-mo that was clearly unnecessary. Aside from the irritating display, the movie requires patience which I have very little of, and although the slow-burn momentum may have had a purpose, it was just too slow to stop me from checking the time every 15 minutes.

What really makes this movie as bad as it was, was the fact that it had to potential to be something completely different and enjoyable. If I was given the title 'Girls Against Boys' and I had to make a film around the title, I would make a Battle Royal styled affair were the girls and the boys work as separate teams, and have to fight for survival, and the winning team gets to live. I dunno but something around those lines with kick-ass fight scenes and awesome kill scenes; but instead we get a limited, unresponsive attempt to try something new and fails miserably.

If this movie was presented with a more fun undertone then it would have played better with audiences, I mean it's just far too serious for its own good, and not being able to present even a little tongue in-cheek is startling. Yeah, that may not be what Chick was going for, but what he went with just didn't work, like, at all. There were plenty of room for improvement, and plenty of opportunities for this to become a bad-ass, female driven revenge thriller, but when you present that bare minimum in creativity, expect negative responses from audiences; though I have seen a couple of positive reviews from blogs I follow, all depends on what your bag is I suppose.

VERDICT: Girls Against Boys fails on the front as a decent revenge thriller, and beneath as an acceptable narrative tale of two woman doing to men what they think they deserve. Not fun, nor original, this nasty little film rids of its potential to deliver what the director Chick thinks is a solid tale of true female revenge.


  1. The trailers make this look like a fun revenge flick in the style of something like Baise Moi, but the fact that it doesn't know what genre to place this in doesnt make me want to visit this anytime soon. Thanks for the review

  2. Yeah I thought the exact same, it looks and has the potential to be a fun, gory, tongue in cheek type of revenge flick, but instead it's this serious and dark attempt to be genuine and sexy. Too serious for its own good. Seriously, watch anything other than this. Thanks for the feedback



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