23 Aug 2013

How 'SAINTS ROW' Isn't Afraid To Step Into Horror Territory

So over the years Volition has brought us four Saints Row games, two of which follow the basic gang routine that treads along GTA territory, and two that unusually stepped a little too far out of the box, so far out that it slips a little into the horror genre.

Saints Row The Third brought us a Zombie Island along with a full mission dedicated to flesh-eating, nuclear infected civilians, that mission was pretty scary and that's the truth. Aside from the mission you were able to rome wild and free through a small island within the map that was filled with flames, destroyed cars, broken houses and lots and lots of zombies. Anyone you has played SR3 knows exactly how ruthlessly fun it was, especially blasting the guys to smithereens. It was great, and presented something Call of Duty Zombies failed to do, present a hugely fun ride. Saints Row IV, unexpectedly contains a lot more horror than expected.

After playing the game (which I loved) I realized that there is a dark undertone to the game, especially to a specific mission that involves Shaundi and her simulation. After entering a room, you find Shaundi speaking to the corpse of Johnny Gat, and during her touching speech he attacks her in zombie form. Now, I did not see that coming, and with a mix of creepy gurgling and a chilling score, it made for a pretty intense and scary minute of the game. I know that's not much but it was pretty deep and very creepy.

let's not forget the weird alien villain that takes over the world, and although the game is very much sci-fi based, there are a few enemies that are extremely intimidating and very scary to battle. I know this is an off-the-subject post and not very much horror related, but I just wanted to establish what SR has been offering, and it may actually pleasantly surprise a horror fan, like me!

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