20 Aug 2013

You Ready For 'FRIGHT NIGHT 2' ? Check Out The Brand New Trailer!

Having seen the remake of Fright Night back in 2011 and not the original, I am in two minds about the up-coming remake sequel that is going straight-to-disc (with no surprise over the serious lack of profit the remake brought in through theatres). Don't get me wrong, I like the remake, but I have little interest in this sequel... well, that was before I watched the trailer.

Fright Night 2 is due Disc release around Halloween, so no complaining if you have nothing to watch during the holiday. This trailer is actually pretty decent to my surprise, though i'm just not quite fussed about it and could happily wait until its release. Who knows, it could actually be pretty good, but you never know. Check out the fresh new trailer below.


  1. I'm actually really looking forward to this!

    1. I wasn't until after I watched the trailer, which I think looks really good



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