4 Sep 2013

10 Terrifying Movie Masks

 The Animal Masks - You're Next (2013) 
After the buzz and recently watching the slick home-invasion horror, I absolutely loved it, and what I loved most was the downright creepy masks 'The Animals' were wearing. Each mask is frightening in it's own right, and when you see what's behind the sheep mask, believe me it becomes the creepiest of them all despite it's cute first approach; That guy is the scariest, believe me.

 The Dolls & Sack Mask (The Strangers) 
Back in 2008, The Strangers continued the trend the home-invasion sub-genre was setting, and despite a mediocre delivery for many, The Strangers was able to deliver a trio of frightening villains who pranced around wearing the creepiest masks you will ever see on screen. You think they look scary in this picture just watch the film and come back to me.

 Michael Myers Mask - Halloween (1978 - 2009) 
Without a doubt one of the most iconic masks in movie history, this spray-painted white William Shatner can be identified within a single glimpse as the mask worn by one of the best horror villains of all time; Michael Myers. The bleach white displays the emptiness within Myers himself, and not being able to see under it adds effect to the white pull-over mask above. Just look at it, simply chilling.

 The Santa Mask - Silent Night (2012) 
If you have seen the film (which was all that bad) you will know just how creepy this mask is. Made for a plastic horror mask disguised with a Santa outfit accompanied with a fake white beard, this guy strolls around making people's Christmas hell. This mask combined with the killer mannerisms makes for a pretty terrifying and vicious killer. Do not under-estimate this guy.

 The Invader Masks - The Purge (2013) 
These masks my be the only redeeming quality from 2013's biggest disappointment The Purge. The masks, as terrifying as they are weren't enough to save this film from becoming what it is, a big heap of junk. These guys do know how to use a weapon or two, so to see a bunch of them sneak around a house with those big grins is quite chilling; the huge grin and deep black holes for eyes, ooh do you feel that? that's the chills going down your spine... No? Just me?

Leatherface Mask - Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
Every horror fan and beyond knows who Leatherface is, and we all know him as the chainsaw-welding maniac who wears peoples faces for masks; it's that point exactly that made him as iconic as he is today. Seriously, do I need to say anymore? His mask (or masks) are absolutely terrifying and haunting.

 Babyface Mask - The Hills Run Red (2009)
Part Porcelain doll, part human jaw, Babyface's mask is undeniably one of the creepiest masks in horror history, and although the film doesn't quite match up to this masks creative flair, it is still terrifying enough to keep Babyface strolling through your nightmares. Extremely disgusting but very ingenious.

 Bloody Face - American Horror Story: Asylum (2012) 
Asylum's scariest aspect was by far the segment that involved the serial killer Bloody face who wore the skin of his victims. A more modern take on Leatherface, Bloody Face is a deadly guy with a deadly look, and the most frightening feature is the human teeth that sit on the outside of the mask; It's pretty disgusting looking, great though.

 Smiley - Smiley (2012) 
Smiley (the film) was as bad as one could imagine, though the killer, Mr "did it for the lolz" Smiley is a very original and scary villain, mostly due to that deliciously dark mask he (or she, or them) wears. It may be hard to take this mask seriously with that big cheesy grin, but when he rips open the mouth pouring blood all over the helpless victim, it instantly becomes a terrifying image.
 Child Sack Mask - The Orphanage (2007) 
Whether it's the mask itself or the fact that it comes along with a scary child, I don't know, but this mask is really scary, and it being on the head of a kid makes it even scarier, I mean nobody likes little demon children in movies, NOBODY! The mask itself is quite strange but very fascinating, but no so fascinating that you would like to see it hanging in your room; let's just say that is a creepy-ass mask. 


  1. Awesome list! Bloody Face's mask was freaking terrifying. It's the only thing in the show that truly scared me so far, but the baby thing in the basement in season 1 was ever worse.

    1. Thanks, really appreciate it! Yeah that thing in the basement was pretty pretty terrifying, there was something extremely chilling about that Bloody Face mask, I hate looking at it, gives me the creeps



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