1 Sep 2013


Back in 2011 when I ran FiveStarScream, I was fully aware of what Killer Film was, and I loved the site ever since then, in fact I used their star rating back then (guilty, sorry..). Recently I discover Killer Film once again after a year and it reminded me of how much I loved that site. Killer Film is a soon-to-be famous horror site that will surely fulfill the needs of those in seek of a good horror read.

From the well written reviews to the great little star rating, Killer Film is a movie site that not only fulfills the needs of horror fans out there like me, but delivers for the casual film-goer by presenting reviews, news and interviews for films of every genre. Its great to see something so refreshing yet so basic.

Though it isn't much to look fuss over presentation wise, it makes up for with it's spectacular views on the world of movies (especially horror). Perhaps this shouldn't be blog of the week as it isn't exactly what you would call a 'blog', but all those sites are blogs really...right? Well anyways, I love it so in my opinion it deserves Blog of the Week.

Between Jason Bene and Brian McQuery, great reviews, news and features are delivered in the dozen and in top quality, I mean why look anywhere else for good reviews when they are right there? Maybe it's the star rating, I don't know but what I do know is that I love Killer Film and that is why it gets this week's Blog of the Week!

Oh by the way, I recognize the title for having the same font as Scream, great little spot.

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