15 Sep 2013


Feel like you haven't been on a raw horror review site in a while? Then Vile Reviews is the place for you! Filled with thick guts of goodness, VR is a superb horror blog that takes the basic look to the next level, establishing a unique horror vibe that you will not find on any other blog; ok, maybe that was a lie, there are a lot of blogs out there, but guys, it's a pretty cool blog so just check that sh*t out!

Dark, grisly, fun. Those are just a few words that describe Vile Reviews. Though it covered in an extremely dark and almost evil look, it works in it's behalf as plays along with the complete horror tone; if VR had the odd burst of lighter colours then it wouldn't really fit to the word "Vile" in the title would it?

Packed with well-written reviews, decent interviews and fun little extras like toys, pics and competitions, Vile Reviews is a great review site for all horror addicts to check out, and that chainsaw theme is just great! There is nothing more I can say other than this; that Vile Reviews is the next horror blog you should all check out, it's slick, fresh, taut and unusually fun. Guys please, just click on the link below!



  1. We really appreciate this review, Jack. We're a totally independent site fueled only by the love for the genre and some creative sparks. It made our week to read this. I'm placing a graphic link to your blog on our site's 'friends of' section right now. Thanks again.

    - John Slaney

    1. Wow! thank you guys! I absolutely love your blog so it's a real honor to be a friend of!



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