22 Sep 2013


Beautiful, Stunning, Creative, Classy are all of a few words to describe the fantastic blog that is Film Flare. Visually driven, yet still well written, Film Flare has a flare for film and design; it is just stunning to look at, the material isn't too bad to read either.

Presented in such a classy manner, it's hard to turn away from the blog when it looks so great, and when you find a review that suits you, then it just makes the site experience a whole lot better. The reviews, as well-constructed as they are provide very little for me as I am a horror fan, and Film Flare has little of that, Horror. I know what your thinking "then why is it blog of the week", well because it just looks so damn good; Not  Cinematic Corner good, but still really really really good.

I'm blabbering on here, but guys and gals, Film Flare is just great. Its generous mix of written and podcast reviews really gives audiences a better incite into the creative minds behind Film Flare. Just go and check it out for god sakes!


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