29 Sep 2013


Lights Camera Reaction, a well-constructed and involving movie review site that is fresh on the eyes and for a read. Coming across this through a comment from one of the writers, I journeyed through a site that was to be one of the most involving I have been on in a long time; perhaps not by the layout but by the fantastic rating system that had be inching to rate all the horror films I have seen with a grade score of A+ to F. I could not get over how professional this looked, and now I have never heard about it before.

The reviews are well written and the layout is basic, but the involving mannerisms is what kept me there; sure I wanted to find out Jack's opinions on the recent horror films, but I was so interested in rating all the different aspects of films with grades that I forgot why I was there in the first place. Sure, it was the rating system that kept me there, but the rest of it was a high standard with a strong professional feel to it, and that I liked.

It's all really impressive for a blog I have never came across before, so I was interested to see what it brought to the table, and although it was nothing new, it was still very interesting to look at, but I mean these days nothing is original really. Guys, check it out and I was guaranteeing you will find yourself scooping through, grading the films you hate and the ones you love. I want to know how it's all done! WHAT IS YOUR SECRET!



  1. Thank you! This is so cool! I'll properly comment back once I get my internet sorted (on my phone right now).

    I appreciate this a lot! Thanks again.

    1. You're Welcome! Do! comeback, let me know your opinion on the films I review!



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