26 Sep 2013

'Sleepy Hollow: "Blood Moon" (Episode 1.02)' TV Review

The second episode of the start-up first season of Sleepy Hollow premiered a couple of days back and it was only now that I got my hands on the latest episode, slickly named 'Blood Moon'. The Pilot episode set a pretty high bar to beat for the upcoming episodes, and Ep. 2 unfortunately didn't reach the heights of the first episode.

Not matching the craft of the previous episode, Blood Moon just adds more fuel to the fire of complication, and although with shows like this you have to let time take its course and deliver the end reveal that ties all reveals into one big massive knot. I will give it time, but right now it's already starting to feel like too much is going on at the one time. Even during all this commotion I can't help but feel that this might transform into one of those tacky shows that have a different villain for each episode, like some Scooby-Doo skit; well let's just hope it doesn't fall down that forbidden path.

Through all the havoc and tangled narrative lays a strong display of what's scary and what's not, and Sleepy Hollow has its finger on the pulse of what is scary in today's horror, and although the odd horror gag falls short, the scares always deliver strong and effective. Despite not getting any of the classic slicing 'n dicing from any of those headless holligins, we still get a little action from a new villain that looks like she played with fire a little too long, served up BBQ style with some frightening flavor. The villain itself creates acts of sheer terror, but she feels almost like a speed bump for the story, something to slow it down in order to cram in some more horror elements.

The characters become seemingly more likable, and the gags are as taut as before, seeing the female lead develop more is interesting to watch, and to see a little deeper into her back-story along with an ending that makes you want more, we start to connect with the character of Abbie more than we should do at this early point of the series. As for Ichabod Crane, well he established the likability factor in the early stages of the first episode, so watching him fiddle with electricity is as fascinating as ever.

VERDICT: Everything is handles well in the latest episode of Sleepy Hollow, and although the story grows with progression, creating even more unwanted tangles, it still manages to capture what's scary and how to deliver it effectively. Not as good as it could have been but not too shabby either, Bring on Episode 3.

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