29 Oct 2013

20 Fun Horrors to Watch on Halloween

It's nearly Halloween, so if like me you are deciding to stay in this year and pig out until near vomiting then here is a list of films amongst others you may just consider to stick on to get you in that holiday spirit. 20 Fun Horror Movies to watch this Halloween is a list that displays 20 of the most fun horror films that some way or another have a Halloween'y vibe to it, and are sure to get you into that horror spirit and make you have a lot of fun whilst in it; so here it is, treat yourself.

20. Urban Legend (1998)
Urban Legend isn't a very good film at all, and blatantly copying the style of Scream it's hard not to laugh at something that traces the footsteps of slashers that came very shortly before it. It's all a big shambles, but somehow it makes the film a lot more likable; it tries and it fails but not without some merit, the plot is strong enough to hold it, and the fun element is established through the self-aware yet somewhat cliched characters, they aren't the best but they are pretty fun to watch.
Why to watch it on Halloween: Aside from the fact it's set during the Halloween holiday, the deaths all have a quirky side to them, making for an enjoyable watch; plus all that thunder and rain just makes you glad you are indoors feasting in the warmth. Subliminal messaging maybe?

19. [REC]3: Genesis (2012)
Following two previous zombie found-footage flicks, Genesis wasn't afraid to break away from the found-footage clutches to deliver something deeply entertaining and full of life. The previous two were very grounded, and as brilliant as they were, they were too focused on the scares to pull of the fun element that the genre perhaps needed, and that's were Genesis comes in. Bombastic, gory and hugely entertaining, Rec 3 pulled off its daring root with success to delivering a wildly fun, almost comedic entry into a far-too-serious sub-genre.
Why to watch it on Halloween: Aside from the fact that you get to see a kick-ass bride tear up some zombies with a chainsaw, we get a beautifully presented zombie flick that does a lot to differentiate itself from the rest of the sub-genre; it's fun and often funny, why not?

18. Friday The 13th (2009)
Many may disagree, but I liked the remake more than the original, don't quite know why, but I will take a guess and say it's due to the fun aspect the remake brings to the table. In the end up it's all a little hectic and after the bodies pile to the roof you never quite feel satisfied with what 2009's version had to bring; however, it's wacky deaths, cartoon'ish cliched characters, and goofy gags add a likable element to the overall product. 2009's version is a little too serious for its own good, but that is what also makes it so enjoyable; we can laugh with it and a lot at it, but sure that's what it's all about.
Why to watch it on Halloween: Sure you can say the original is a more Halloween-suited horror, but the 2009 version is a lot more light-hearted and doesn't take itself as serious as the original; you will have a better time watching this, plus, it has Jason in it... Need I say more?

17. V/H/S (2012)
V/H/S/2 is the superior film and it's a lot more fun than this one, but the first V/H/S just feels a lot more suited to Halloween than the second one is. Well, what can I say, I'm not a big fan of the anthology horror, but if you were to watch it with friends you would have a much better time with it and that's all that matters in the end up. The segments have a great balance of tension and scares, and aside from all these we have a couple of segments that prove to be a lot of fun; and with some of them creepy characters like the mutant above, you really get a kick out of the whole thing.
Why to watch on Halloween: My answer to that is the last segment "10/31/98" which is about couple of guys who go to a Halloween party which turns out very very wrong. You get the connection? yeah? then let's move on.

16. Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (2011)
Why isn't it! you will not find a more fun horror movie about as Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is pure black comedy ingeniousness. If you have seen it you will be fully aware of its brilliance, if you haven't then you are in for a treat when you blank your asses on your couch and switch it on; do it, you won't forget it. Its mix of dark comedy, gleeful gore and fascinating characters makes this a tongue in cheek horror comedy you don't want to miss.
Why to watch on Halloween: Well, we all love to indulge in some juicy horror flicks on halloween, and Tucker & Dale vs. Evil proves that whilst we get sickened by the stomach churning gore we can also have a good laugh about it too; consider this a light-hearted horror to stick on when you've have too much serious on your screen.

15. Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013)
Texas Chainsaw (more fun if watched in 3D, get a little more chainsaw action) didn't quite go down a treat with critics, not audiences, but for me Texas Chainsaw is just another mindlessly dumb slasher flick to come this year, and as negative as that sounds I mean it in the brightest of ways. When was the last time we had a slasher that took itself so seriously that it became funny to watch? This is what it's all about, we've had our Freddy's and Jason's, but Leatherface has always taken a turn for the dumb (ala Next Generation, Chainsaw 2), so why not embrace it, why not embrace it's muddled plot, cliched characters and dumb character decisions? Believe me, if you go into this light-heartily then you will have a good time; Whether you like it or not, you can always have a laugh, either with it or at it, your call.
Why to watch on Halloween: Well the film is based during Halloween if that counts? plus, we all love to see Leatherface get his chainsaw out and start cutting up some flesh; you can't have Halloween without Leatherface, so here he is, in his newest fashion.

14. Jeepers Creepers (2002)
To me, Jeepers Creepers is a brilliant B-Movie romp, and whether people embrace that or not is totally up to them, fair enough, the whole monster direction may not have been the best decision  but you have to agree that there are some terrifyingly tense moments here, and you have to reward the film for that. We don't really see movies like these anymore, so to sit and watch something that doesn't play as seriously as slashers or thrillers is something quite refreshing, and to see a winged, tongue-eating monster with a license plate that reads "BEATNGU" is just plain corny... but we love it.
Why to watch on Halloween: We don't get to see these type of films anymore without them being in black and white, and back in the day this was the type of horror that was on every Halloween, so why not embrace the nostalgia and get into horrors you parents grew up watching; I promise, it's a lot of fun.

13. Final Destination (2000)
Before Final Destination came out we had never actually seen a film of this standard, a film that took the genre in a completely new direction without pulling away from the genre all together. Final Destination at the time was one of the freshest horror's about, and judging by the four follow-ups it was clear to identify just how successful it was. The killer being Death itself, how could you not enjoy something that's killer isn't human, and to be fair it makes a hell of a lot more sense than it does Michael Myers or Jason getting shot and chopped yet still being able to come back; there is something about never being able to escape death that makes this film so effective, and whilst it's effective it has enough surprising and shocking deaths to keep us on our toes, and keep us entertained.
Why to watch on Halloween: To be honest i'm not quite sure why for this one, but all I know is that it wouldn't feel like Halloween without seeing this or any of the other sequels on TV around the Halloween holiday.

12. Planet Terror (2007)
Before I say anything, just look above; We have got a stripper with a fucking machine gun for a leg, that's why it's fun!
Why to watch on Halloween: Robert Rodriguez's style alone strikes nostalgia for those who love to watch a good old horror flick, Plus, the gore is so Halloween-esque that it's hard not to want to watch this film around the Halloween holiday. It's pretty trashy grizzly stuff, but we love it.

11. Slither (2008)
Not being a big fan of the film I can easily identify its flaws, but I can also identify its perfections, one of the being how fun it is. Slither is yet another B-Movie horror, although this time it's done with a twist, and although it's all a little stupid on the front, Slither is a well-crafted comedy affair that delivers good gags and enough gooey gore to make you gag. Admit it, this is the sort of film you wouldn't mind watching to get you in the Halloween spirit.
Why to watch on Halloween: It has an almost Halloween feel to it, and although there is nothing here to separate it from the next one, it just proves to be another B-Movie styled horror for us to dig in to; why not sure.

10. Zombieland (2009)
To me Zombieland is one of a kind, it seems to be the only one of its type to manage to successfully provide sufficient and effective zombie horror whilst balancing the strong comedy aspects, and both compliment each other perfectly. No other zombie comedy has been pulled off this well since Shaun of the Dead, and even before then nothing like this had come. Be thankful that it turned out ever so well, as with a title like 'Zombieland' nothing good ever comes from something that sounds that cheesy. Well here's your proof, because Zombieland proves to be one of the most fun zombie films ever made.
Why to watch on Halloween: Many might for the obvious Dawn of the Dead, Night of the Living Dead and even Evil Dead, but none is as much fun to watch on Halloween than Zombieland; believe me, I've done it and it proved to be a great choice and unusually suited.

09. Fright Night (1985)
Guys, it's Fright Night.
Why to watch on Halloween: Well there has never really been a vampire flick that has been so light-hearted and fun as Fright Night, sure The Lost Boys is pretty great too but Fright Night is a whole different kettle of fish; or blood-sucking vampires. Maybe not the most obvious to watch on Halloween, but this campy 80's flick will surely get the laughs rolling to any 80's horror lover.

08. The Cabin in the Woods (2012)
The Cabin in the Woods successfully reinvented the genre by turning it inside out, presenting the perfect love letter to the genre and its fans. Prompt with a masterful plot, fun characters and an amazingly bonkers final act, The Cabin in the Woods proved to be one of the best horrors in years. This film is the definition of fun within the horror genre, and if you can't appreciate what it has to offer then you simply can't call yourself a dedicated horror fan or movie fan of that matter. The combination of witty humor, fleshed out and effective plot-driven characters and the tautologous display makes for one horror a genre fan should not miss.
Why to watch on Halloween: Well aside from the nightmare creatures that practically presents everything we have ever seen in a horror film, it seems to be a very Halloween-styled horror, I mean everything you see in this film you see in every other cliched horror you would watch on Halloween, only with this it's done with tongue placed firmly in cheek.

07. Stephen King's IT (1990)
Well Stephen King's IT may not be the most obvious choice for a film that's fun, but when you think about it, it really is. Firstly, we get a bunch of wise-cracking naive teens, a quite comedic yet very scary creature that takes the shape of a clown called Pennywise, and a plot that is so ridiculous it's great. What else could you possibly want from a film like this?
Why to watch on Halloween: Well aside from some bizarre Halloween-esque moments, we have the villain Pennywise who proves to be one of the most frightening and iconic horror characters in movie history. We all know who he is, and whether or not you kinder a fear of clowns, you will always find this witty yet hauntingly horrifying character scary. He represents all that's scary about Halloween to me, and you won't find a clown in film quite like him.

06. Hocus Pocus (1993)
Ah Hocus Pocus, everyone's biggest guilty pleasure, how I love you ever so much. No matter what we watch on Halloween, Hocus Pocus will always be seen on at least one channel around Halloween, and you may not admit it but we all feel the urge to switch it on. It may not be a "horror" but it can be quite freaky, and you have to admit, there isn't a Halloween flick as fun as this. The characters prove to be something of a charm, and the three main witches keep things connected to deliver a truly fun vampire flick for all ages; well, maybe not all ages.
Why to watch on Halloween: This is the flick you watch when it starts to get dark outside, and it eases you in into the holiday spirit, and why not? Its great fun and it proves to be a good laugh. We all know what Hocus Pocus is, and we all know it's a film that needs a watch around Halloween to get us in the spirit.

05. Halloween H20 (1998)
To me Halloween H20 is one of the best Horror sequels ever made, and it's a film that doesn't go a miss around the Halloween holidays. Maybe not as obvious as the rest on the list, but when you think about it, Halloween H20 really is a fun slasher flick. Built with a superb lead, cheeky yet campy teens, a lot of fun yet gory violence and the main man himself Michael Myers. The gore is great, and the scenes between Myers and Laurie and fantastic, there is something about all those table-turning chase scenes that strike adrenaline, and with the right crowd you could have a really good time with the jumpy scares, sickening violence and nods and winks to the genre.
Why to watch on Halloween: Uh, Hello?! Dumb and Dumber could figure that one out. Gore, scares, knives and Myers make the perfect Halloween treat.

04. Scream (1996)
Scream was one of the most genre-changing horrors to ever hit the big screen, and in its time it was the greatest horror to grace the screen in years. To this day that still stands, and nothing from then on in has been able to top what Scream started. Its success built from the gory premise to its snappy and witty humor, with everything in between. To me Scream is one of the best slasher films ever made, and for me not to watch it on the Halloween holidays would be criminal. Its combination of fast horror, quality premise, well-developed characters and a memorable villain makes a film that will stick around for a lot longer than anyone ever expected. Watch the sequels after? Yeah I think so.
Why to watch on Halloween: You will never go through a Halloween were you don't see at least one person dressed up as Ghostface, and that is something we have all learned to deal with. He is iconic, so iconic that even infants know who he is. Scream may be based during the summer, but it has a strong Halloween vibe to it, and you may not feel the need to watch it around Halloween, but to me it's like a religion to do so.

03. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
A Nightmare on Elm Street has remained a favorite for many til this day, and although I don't love it as much as many others I can still appreciate what it has to offer, and I can still enjoy the fun that it brings to the table. The fascinating deaths amp up the fun, and with a villain so amazingly campy there is no excuse to not love this movie. Freddy may be no Myers, but he certainly is one of the best in the horror genre if not ever. A guy who can get you in your sleep? Pfft, now if that isn't Halloween material I don't know what is.
Why to watch on Halloween: It has Freddy Krueger in it. Oh and Johnny Depp, who dies by getting sucked in through the bed and his blood is sprayed out from the bed like a water tap. If that doesn't do it for you I don't know what will.

02. Evil Dead II (1986)
Evil Dead 2, one of the most admired sequels in movie history proves to be an even bigger treat on Halloween than any other time of the year. Being a significant improvement over it's proceeder, Evil Dead 2 broke the boundries of horror to deliver a balls-to-the-wall gore fest that took campy horror to the next extreme. Filled with nothing but goofy gags and gore, this sequel proves to a horror that makes staying in on Halloween with friends all the more worthy, and when you have this on your list you are guaranteed to have a great time.
Why to watch on Halloween: Evil Dead 2 is outrageously brilliant, and to give a film like this a miss during Halloween is a crime if you're a horror fan; there isn't a film out there that is as much fun as this whilst managing to maintain the scares and gore alongside. We have all seen the film, we all know just how gloriously bonkers it is.

01. Trick 'r Treat (2006)
Aside from John Carpenter's Halloween, Trick 'r Treat proves to be one of the best festive horror's of all time. Practically screaming Halloween, you can almost smell the sugar rush seep from your screens, Trick 'r Treat is filled to the brim with enthusiastic holiday spirit whilst adding in successful horror elements to make it fit like a hand in a glove in the horror genre; it may not be as outrageous as Evil Dead, but it's as every bit as worthy. Gory, charming, slick and hugely entertaining, I can't find a better film to watch on Halloween than Trick 'r Treat. Well, other than thee 1978's Halloween, but you know what I mean.
Why to watch on Halloween: Nothing has ever been more black and white for choice before; Trick 'r Treat couldn't get more Halloween if it tried. Imagine if the holiday was crammed into an hour and a half; this, is what it would look like.


  1. Awesome list! Jeepers Creepers is sooo underrated. The film is so creepy, scary and atmospheric. The creeper alone is enough to see this movie, it's a fairly horrifying monster. I love seeing Slither and Tucker and Dale on the list, both are some of the funniest comedy horrors I've seen.

    1. Thanks so much Sati! I LOVE Jeepers Creepers, and everything you're saying is right, I don't understand how you couldn't love it, B-Movie masterpiece. Slither is so fun, but to me Tucker & Dale is just genius.



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