17 Oct 2013

American Horror Story: Coven - Episode 3.02 "Boy Parts"

Episode 2 of Coven 'Boy Parts' was released last night, and once again I couldn't resist but to throw it on to make myself feel a whole lot better because well like many, I am in fact a AHS addict.

Hi, My name is Jack an i'm addicted to American Horror Story. *Group echo* Hi Jack.
So far Coven once again doesn't fail to impress me and (hopefully) other fans. Following the fantastic first episode, Zoe and Madison go and take care of some decapitated business in an attempt to bring back the good guy for the frat's who was killed in the bus crash. They proceed with a ritual to bring him back to life, and in doing so attracts the witch with the power to resurrect, Misty who helps Zoe with making her fancy Kyle human again. Meanwhile Fiona locks horns with Marie Laveau during discussion about LaLaurie who is unaware of the life around her, strapped up to a chair in Fiona's room. Also, we get to see a little more of Queenie and the pregnancy problems Cordelia.

Not reaching the high standard of the first episode, but still fantastic, Episode 2 'Boy Parts' is a cunningly fun campy romp that steps away from its proceeder's success and builds a new wall that balances varies from both bonkers and genius. Perhaps not as fun as the previous but still very enjoyable, it manages to break the straight-faced tone that was established in the first two seasons, and although it's still early days yet, it's already evident that this is going to be fun like no other; watch while you can folks, you won't find a more unique show anywhere else.

The characters are more fleshed out this time round and it's very much a character-based episode instead of 'Bitchcraft' that spent its time establishing the powers and the extremely loopy plot. Queenie shines a little brighter here, and although she doesn't get a heart-tugging monologue that her character needs for further development, we still get to see more of that fierce side to her that balances well with her caring nature over the somewhat shaded character Nan who is still yet to show what she's made of.

The conflict between Lange and Bates is absolutely superb, the snappy dialogue and personality clash makes for a few highly amusing moments in this episode; though they don't quite get enough screen time together, they work phenomenally together on screen, creating a sub-plot that surely tops all others. Both perform with perfection as expected, and Fiona's power against the girls actually becomes quite amusing, so watching Lange fling Emma Roberts from one side of the room to the other is always fun to watch for many reasons. Roberts may not be the strongest of the cast by any means, but I like what she's doing with the character and her development is coming with interest to me - many may not like her, but I do.

VERDICT: Episode 2 Boy Parts is another fantastic success for Coven, and although it doesn't quite hit the mark as strongly as Bitchcraft did, it is still a highly amusing episode that is filled with enough snappy humor and fun madness to get us hyped for next week.


  1. I'm really liking the way things are going this season, it already feels more consistent and focused than Asylum. I did like Roberts a bit more this episode, let's see what happens next :)

    1. yeah completely agree, its fantastic and it's already progressed so much within 2 episodes, This could easily be the best season yet



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