24 Oct 2013

American Horror Story: Coven - Episode 3.03 "The Replacements" Review

Zoe visits Kyle's distraught mother and takes her reanimated son home, not knowing their incestuous relationship. A weakened Fiona learns Madison has gained more powers and will possibly become a future Supreme. Hoping Laveau will host a fertility ritual, Cordelia is instead spurned by her. Madame LaLaurie is forced to be a maid to the students, causing tension between she and Queenie.

Coven once again manages to shock and please us once again with the new episode 'The Replacements'. So far the season proves to be a strong one, powering through the tangles the previous seasons were once caught up on, and although the series is still yet to find its focus, it thankfully still remains so far as a superb season for the anthology series.

Again, Coven proves to be the powerhouse of television, and whilst managing to keep the memorable tone from the previous two episodes, it adds a dark twist into the mix, presenting a show that although is campy goodness is also a deeply dark historical horror story. It's all fun and games until someone dies; literally - I won't spoil it for you, I mean I did already but that is as far as I will go, why ruin it. The tone change feels appropriate, and luckily it manages to balance the knife-twisting humor with the obscure tales.

It's all well and good when effort is injected, but the whole sub-plot of the reanimation is a little off-putting and subtracts from the overall impact of the full narrative. Saying it's silly is, well... silly considering the seasons style, but it all feels inappropriate and unwanted, I don't care about the killer vagina's love life, like at all; on the plus side, we do get to see more of Lily Rabe, I love that girl.

VERDICT: The Replacements may strike some fresh ideas along with some successful further development of characters such as Nan, Queenie and LaLaurie, topped off by a superb ending. However, its overuse of sexual violence becomes off-putting and quite frankly unnecessary.


  1. I really liked this episode, it was so outrageous! Fiona and Madison scenes were so much fun.

    1. yeah same! I loved their scenes together, and there was something about the ending that made it a whole lot better. Somethings telling me Nan will be the next supreme, who knows



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