6 Oct 2013


Ben's Basement, a fun movie blog that brings the latest in film reviews and delivers them in a playful, slightly comedic manner. Coming across this blog through Ben's involvement with Horror Focus, I found myself delightfully surprised with what Ben's Basement had to offer, and that cinematic turd rating to me is great.

Despite it's slightly slurry display, Ben's Basement is very well constructed and very fun to peek around in. The reviews are good and the rating system is fresh, and although the film selection is mainstream, it is always good to take a gander at what his opinion is on the film we love, or the films we love to hate, and to see the odd horror review always makes me want for more.

All that is left to say that Ben Hayward done a pretty good job here with Ben's Basement, presenting an overall strong movie blog that should be checked out by the mass of movie fans. It's relate-able guys, for god sakes it has a human turd for a rating, take that as a sign to check it out.


  1. Thanks so much Jack. A massive surprise to see myself recommended on here! Love what you do on Horror Focus, keep it up.



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